Theres a little bit of me in every mouthfull…

I tried to resist but i have to put this little story on.

Man caught with penis in pasta jar … near Nobbys Beach

A man caught near Nobbys Beach with his penis in a pasta sauce jar led police on a 20 kmh car chase, Newcastle Local Court heard yesterday.

As my missus is wont to say “what is it about you men and your dicks, isnt there anything you wont stick it in?”. (I think the answer to that is probably….no)


They found a 750-millilitre jar around his penis and noted that Weatherley attempted to continue “pleasuring himself in between bouts of wrestling”.

A search of his car uncovered pornography, a home-made sex aid, women’s stockings and a Jack Russell terrier.

The Jack Russell is still having counselling as we speak…

I know one thing, Im not going to this blokes place for dinner.

4 Responses to “Theres a little bit of me in every mouthfull…”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Fuck (pardon the pun). That’s even worse than the bloke caught pleasuring himself on a Virgin flight.

  2. nilk Says:

    LOL, frollicking, I was going to do a post on this, but words failed me. 🙂

  3. DK Says:

    May contain nuts?

  4. thefrollickingmole Says:

    A bit late but the 15 year old boy here just pointed out the perfect musical accompliment to this story…

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