It’s over

With almost 500 people killed or wounded, and 11 terrorists dead, finally, after 60 hours, the Mumbai attacks have ceased.

A total of 195 people are confirmed to have been killed and 295 others wounded. Twenty-two foreigners were killed, included the Israelis, five Americans, two French nationals, two Australians, two Canadians, a German, a Japanese, a British Cypriot, an Italian, a Singaporean and a Thai.

An attack on the West, and on us all indeed.

Of course, Anthony Loewenstein might have a different take on this.

Not really an argument for G-strings buuuut…

A MAN who says he eats 10 Mars bars a day has claimed a lack of sugar prompted him to attack his girlfriend when she wore big, Bridget Jones-style knickers instead of a G-string, a British court has heard.

Hmm, it depends. How big is her ass/arse/butt/tush/behind/bottom?

Seriously though, a lack of sugar???


Apart from a shameless pot-stirring grab for hits, perhaps I went too far with regards to the pic and deflected too much attention away from my opinion that the real shameless asshole here is that ‘man’ who beat up on his woman then tendered such a pathetic excuse as to why. Perhaps too casual an angle was taken on what is such a serious and disturbing story/issue. What follows is NSFW. Read the rest of this entry »

Shhh! Don’t tell them about this one

It’s like a Japanese school boy’s wet dream.

ABOUT 80 pilot whales have stranded on rocks on Tasmania’s remote west coast, authorities say.

Looks like the next vacation camp in Australia could be a delight!

Dinner is served.

Dinner is served.

PS I’d keep my lips sealed on telling certain Danes, namely the autonomous Faroese about this, too. The above pic was taken on their islands.


None of them survived, which is kinda sad actually.

British Apocalypse

Here’s a compelling read by Peter Hennessy and Richard Knight on the UK’s last line of defence – the nuclear-armed HMS Vanguard.

The weapons engineering officer then takes the trigger that will fire the missiles from a small safe above his console. It’s the handle of a Colt 45 pistol…

And then the weapons engineering officer squeezes the trigger to the most devastating weapon ever devised. It clicks softly.

‘One away,’ he says — and with that the missile would be gone. It cannot be destroyed inflight. It will travel too far, too fast for there to be any hope of interception. Once you hear that click, as one senior submariner told us, ‘you’re no more than 30 minutes from the end of the world’.

The Human Button, a show about all this will air on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday, December 2 at 8pm with a repeat on Sunday, December 7 at 5pm. Note, times are London times.

HMS Vanguard

HMS Vanguard

Meanwhile, in other Trident news from across the Atlantic, the US military is still pushing to have a prompt-global-strike system using their Trident missiles, albeit with conventional warheads. However, they’ve had to do a bit of wrangling “after Congress blocked plans to use conventionally armed Trident submarine-launched missiles armed with conventional warheads.”

Global Warming Wrap-up

Well, as winter approaches us northern hemisphere dwellers, what better time for an update on good ol’ global warming.

Turns out glaciers are growing again.

Whilst still below average, Arctic sea ice is up on last year.

Skeptism is mounting on Capitol Hill… finally.

And around the world, it seems people have had a gut, too.

And here’s yet another example of dud weather stations.

But of course, Obama still doesn’t get it.

Come closer. We dare you.

Come closer. We dare you.


A quick reminder of that pesky temperature vs CO2 correlation.

(Thanks, Bolt.)


Meanwhile, Europe and the US shiver like they haven’t shivered in 100 years.

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