Killer fears death


The only terrorist captured alive after the Mumbai massacre has given police the first full account of the extraordinary events that led to it – revealing he was ordered to ‘kill until the last breath’.

Once inside Nair Hospital, Kasab, who suffered only minor injuries, told medical staff: ‘I do not want to die. Please put me on saline.’

One doubts India will show much mercy, though. They’re furious.

Mark Steyn with further insight.


The cricket’s off.


An image problem?

One Response to “Killer fears death”

  1. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Sure mate, here ya go, have a nice saline drip.

    I’ll just wait till you’re nearly finished with it to tell you that its mostly pig urine.

    You filthy gutless heathen reprobate.

    The Indians shall roast you slowly over a pork fat fuelled fire. Inshallah.

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