A Year In The Making

1 year anniversary

17 Responses to “A Year In The Making”

  1. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Drinks are on Bing? Right I’ll have a round of Jager Bombs with some Long Island Iced Teas as chasers….

  2. missredi Says:

    happy birthday to us! me? i will take a bit of the bolly

  3. bingbing Says:

    Go for your lives. I’ll sort out the tab after…

  4. TimH Says:

    Congratulations all of you!
    I’ll have a single malt please…erm, not now, but maybe this evening 🙂

  5. Gramfan Says:

    Congratulations to all in the Tizona group.

    It’s always nice to find another safe haven on the ‘net.
    Put me down for some champagne: the good stuff, not the el cheapo!

  6. Tex Lovera Says:

    Happy Aniversary!

    Sumerian mead for me.

  7. bingbing Says:

    Thank goodness I worked bars during my time at university!

  8. Ash Says:

    Today’s been so good that I think I need a double vodka on the rocks.

  9. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Back in Gero on business. entrelink (our social security mob) troubles….
    Its either a Pan Galatic Gargle blaster to wipe my mind, or a couple of pints of Guinness

  10. bingbing Says:

    Ash, double vodka coming right up… but do allow me to add a twist of lime.

    Frolksta… may I suggest a Wild Turkey Rare Breed? Sippin’ whiskey…

  11. bingbing Says:

    Spot, you’ll have to make do with this.

  12. bingbing Says:

    Tex, not a word. If Paco or Wronwright find out… anyway, enjoy.

  13. bingbing Says:

    Have a penchant for Jager bombs, too.

    And one single malt… neat.

  14. bingbing Says:

    Oh, and Huc, good to see you again.

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