Challenge Issued

This is the scene over Melbourne several weeks ago.

Melbourne Sky

I don’t suppose any of you are game enough to interpret the photograph from a feminist chauvinist post-modern traditionalist perspective?

6 Responses to “Challenge Issued”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Your use of the word “is” in a sentence commenting on something that occurred “weeks ago” is most intriguing. Yet, prominent Leftists would argue what the definition of “is” is.

    Anyway, chicks dig me coz I’m really a lesbian on the inside and they wanna munch my Palin-esque carpet, but seriously, I just wanna go back to the good ole days so that instead of being savage, I can be a noble savage.

    Ban carbon.

  2. Patrick Chester Says:

    Blue light, absorbed and scattered by nitrogen molecules in the atmosphere. Because of their patriarchical oppressiveness!

  3. DuPonting Says:

    What’s significant about that photo is what is not included. To start with, notice how the photographer has excluded completely the indigenous peoples of Melbourne who have inhabited the area for thousands of years? Notice the deliberate exclusion of migrants? The photographer has chosen to exclude totally the Muslim elements of Melbourne and the fact that no Europeans are pictured does not hide the blatent Islamophobia.

    Further, it’s clear that the choice of the colour blue is meant to belittle women. The photographer could have chosen pink – a traditionally feminine colour – but instead chose to give us yet another testosterone-fueled image. Why does the artist hate women so?

    This is just more of the typical, masculine, Islamophobic, white-centric art that we’ve been suffering with for generations in this country. The photographer should hang their racist head in shame.

  4. Hucbald Says:

    Asteroid impacts disproportionately hurt women and children.

  5. bingbing Says:

    Seems asteroids didn’t get the affirmative action memo.

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