Chill, these things happen with public transport

Actually, no. Incidents such as this should be taken very seriously. Err, maybe. Crazy and horrifying? Watch the video. You can hear passengers laughing, the doors are open barely a metre… hmm, not another sensationalist media beat up, surely not!

SkyTrain passengers had a wild ride Saturday when their train left New Westminster station with its doors still open.

Alarmed passengers huddled away from three sets of open doors, through which cars could be seen below on Stewardson Way as the train sped to 22nd Street station.

One passenger posted a camera phone video on YouTube and others described the incident as “crazy” and “horrifying.”

Check out the way horrifying and crazy video!

However, this is the bit that really caught my eye.

Vancouver has struggled with an extremely cold wintereven by Canadian standards — and the public transport network has been brought close to breaking point by frozen rivers, snowbound roads and frozen train track switches.


Hooray we are a hate site!!

Im so happy! To be called a hate site by ani-Semetic tools is a dream come true!

Mulga Mumblebrain :

31 Dec 2008 3:49:33pm

Let’s see if this gets through, as most of my posts are being censored. No surprise from John Howard’s ABC…


“epikouros :

02 Jan 2009 4:56:49pm


…Reading your posts during the past year has been a great antidote to the inevitable “anomie” of existence in our wonderful world with its values and “civilised way of life”… Don’t be discouraged by the censorship or by the hate bloggs like the Tizona Group’s site. …”

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