Hooray we are a hate site!!

Im so happy! To be called a hate site by ani-Semetic tools is a dream come true!

Mulga Mumblebrain :

31 Dec 2008 3:49:33pm

Let’s see if this gets through, as most of my posts are being censored. No surprise from John Howard’s ABC…


“epikouros :

02 Jan 2009 4:56:49pm


…Reading your posts during the past year has been a great antidote to the inevitable “anomie” of existence in our wonderful world with its values and “civilised way of life”… Don’t be discouraged by the censorship or by the hate bloggs like the Tizona Group’s site. …”

  • Mulga Mumblebrain :

    31 Dec 2008 4:32:25pm

    What is plain is that this blog is being heavily censored. Perhaps the ‘Religious Affairs Unit’ has been put in charge. Nearly all my posts are being censored, and the preponderance of apologists for Israeli brutality speaks for itself. Perhaps listing censored contributions would allow rank thought control to be revealed. This all comes as no surprise given the power of the Jewish Lobby in this country, and their ready resort to stand-over tactics and bullying, as we all remember from the obscene campaign against awarding the Sydney Peace Prize to Hanan Ashrawi.

  • 37 Responses to “Hooray we are a hate site!!”

    1. Ash Says:

      Frollick with joy Mole, frollick with joy!

    2. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

      I dont recall ever apologising for anything Israel have done.

      As for apologising for their “brutality”, I believe Israel should be given some of the Seppo’s spare B-52s so they can do a proper job on Gaza…

    3. bingbing Says:

      Plain and simple. Stop firing rockets over the fucking border, Hamas. Eighty between December 24 and December 27 (so much for the cease-fire). Six thousand four hundred since 2001. Enough’s enough. Something’s gotta give.

      CNN’s coverage of this has been an utter disgrace. For every pro-Israel talking head there have been around four or five pro-Hamas heads.

    4. Gramfan Says:

      Badge of Honour all right.
      I remember quite a while ago all the anti-jihadi sites were desperately vying for a fatwah on the ‘blogs.

      bingbing – don’t watch CNN: it’s a mental-health hazard.

    5. bingbing Says:

      I’m sorry, Gramfs. I have no choice over here if I want TV news… in English. Used to be able to get BBC also on the old satellite dish back in another city, as if that was any better. And thanks to bloody vista, can’t tvu Fox News. I know, my stupid fault.

      And you wonder why I hang out on hate blogs so much.

    6. bingbing Says:

      Here’s a crowd killer.

      It ain’t rocket science, Hamas.

      *Badoom bish.*

    7. bingbing Says:

      Oops. That’s eighty PER DAY between December 24 and December 27.

    8. 185600 Says:

      Wow! Does this make me a H8tr?

      Cool, as mum always told me, if you can’t be famous, be notorious, worked for Ned Kelly I guess (and Ash, if you start with that ‘you are my sunshine’ stuff again, I will get my H8tin’ arse to Melbourne, you know I will) 🙂

    9. Ash Says:

      You are her sunshine,
      Harriet’s source of sunshine,
      You make her happy,
      When skies are grey.
      You’ll never know mate,
      How much she loves you,
      So let her chase the bad guys away.

      (Ok, that didn’t quite work…)

    10. 185600 Says:

      Right, you are so dead girl! 🙂

      (Kidding of course, I would never attempt to injure the mother of my future legal defence, even if she takes cheap shots. I swear, that’s the last time I tell you anything personal)!

    11. Ash Says:

      Tee hee hee!

      I couldn’t help it! I had the chance, motive, and opportunity!

      (And let’s face it, put it in reverse and it still works)

    12. Gramfan Says:

      I am at the stage where I rarely watch any TV news. The ‘blogs many of us go to are much more up-to-date.
      I can, however, understand why you need to watch something, anything,,,

      Re Vista: are you talking OS? I just got a laptop and have the option to downgrade to XP – that is why I bought it.
      Giving it VERY serious thought right now.

    13. mythusmage Says:

      No, don’t downgrade to XP, upgrade to Vista. Then upgrade to whatever succeeds Vista. The sooner the network collapses, the sooner we’ll have the revolution and get standardization. Standard hardware architecture, standard software architecture, standard programming language. We developed optimal designs for aircraft about 30 years after the first one flew. We’re overdue for optimal computer hardware and software designs by now.

    14. Gramfan Says:

      This from HuffPo too!

      They must have lost the plot – about time!

    15. bingbing Says:


      So there are your options. Downgrade to XP and have a computer that does what it’s supposed to or upgrade to Vista and have a screen that looks a bit funkier but with no TVU… but it will speed the planet on the way to a long overdue revolution/standardisation of computer hardware and sofware. Kind of like taking one for the team I guess.

      And just what in hell is going on with the Huff’n’Puff?
      Hamas to blame? AGW is bollocks? Richardsons lies have finally caught up with him? Ann Coulter slams Michelle Obama?? Should Jeb run for POTUS???


      185 et. al.

      You’re ‘arrie’s sunshine,
      ‘er only sunshine,
      You make ‘er ‘appy when skies are grey,
      You’ll never know mate
      How much she loves ya,
      And we all know emo is gay

      Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    16. Ash Says:

      They can have my XP when they pry it from my cold, dead harddrive.

    17. eggz Says:

      Aunty gets Tiz outed?

    18. 185600 Says:

      Ok, Emo is quite gay, but the whole ‘Sunshine’ incident from my childhood has scarred me terribly. My mum rang today and said “you seem p*ssed off about something?”
      My reply’ “f*cking Sunshine mum, remember that?”
      Mad wench just laughed at me and told me to put Harriet on the line.

      Now what happens next? She can be a very annoying woman, my new bride, when she wants. I have now listened to her rendition of that f*cking song every five minutes, and when I give her the ‘cranky’ look she just laughs and sings it louder.

      Those of you with children, think of the emotional scarring you can inflict with a poorly chosen ‘favourite song to sing the baby’.

      Sunshine inf*uckingdeed.

    19. thefrollickingmole Says:

      So I take it you havent seen this movie yet?

    20. 185600 Says:

      Mr Mole, you sir, are a b*stard. And she’s in the f*cking shower singing it now. Jebus wept! Can a man have no peace? Damn you mum. 🙂

    21. 185600 Says:

      Thank you sooooo much for that Ash, I’m going to the shed now, I think I still have some hearing protection left over from last time I went to the range.
      Oh, and the last comment from my lovely bride “Aw, aren’t you such a little cutie! I can’t wait for the ‘dining in’ night (formal dinner for work, in uniform, with partners) so I can let all of your mates know about this. I’m sure they won’t laugh too much…..”

      I may well be a widower and an orphan by the end of tonight.

    22. Ash Says:

      Once us women find such a valuable weakness, we’re duty bound to use it against you!

      The bride is going to make you really regret telling her about the Dining In night 😉

    23. 185600 Says:

      Okay, now it’s getting ridiculous. Mum apparently emailed Harriet a scanned photo of my first communion (catholic thing) this morning. I thought she was just mucking around with Photoshop, pictures of the dog, etc. Nope.
      There I am in an altarboy outfit with hands clasped in prayer and looking like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth. She’s put it on her screensaver, with the other half of the photo being a picture of me overseas, looking slightly p*ssed off, and put the caption on saying “His mother tried so hard, what went wrong?”

    24. Ash Says:

      LOL! I love it!

      Harriet has the vibe going on!

    25. 185600 Says:

      If she does have the ‘Vibe’ going, it had better not look like Sean’s. Otherwise it’s over.
      She’s just been saying that she just thinks that the contrast is ‘interesting’. My arse it’s interesting, she has been giggling and singing at me all f*cking day. I am sooooo ringing her mum tomorrow. She has to have some skeletons from her childhood, and I plan to use them, after this unchecked aggression. 🙂

      She still looks good in my old Ramones Tshirt though.

      I may not bury her in the back yard for that reason. And maybe a couple of others I won’t divulge here. 🙂

    26. Ash Says:

      There’s definitely gotta be some skeletons there. Everyone has them. Now you’ve just gotta find something funny.

      I bet the contrast is interesting… and utterly hilarious!

    27. 185600 Says:

      Dude, thanks, seriously, (b*stard). I blame you for all of this Ash. When I’m O/S next year, the f*cking rocket that does me in will probably have freeking ‘Sunshine’ written on th b*stard thing. :_)

    28. bingbing Says:

      I’m just glad someone said you didn’t like Korea. Bit worried that last one would have had you fueling the jet with the Steyr in hand. 😉

    29. Ash Says:

      You only blame me because it’s all my fault! That hardly seems fair!

    30. bingbing Says:

      If you like Metal, perhaps you won’t shoot me for this one.

    31. 185600 Says:

      Dude, for me MWS M4. But I ain’t Jihadi enough to do that sort of thing. 🙂
      And Korea is too cold. My family have fought in every Australian battlefield but Korea since the Boer War, except Koeefinrea. “)

    32. bingbing Says:

      I amusing, yes?

      Feel like a bloody junkie.

      *badoom bish*

    33. Gramfan Says:

      bingbing and Ash:
      Step 1 complete. Have backed up the Vista OS, just in case
      I just need to load the downgrade,,,,in my spare time.
      Thanks for the comments 🙂

    34. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

      I’m not sure if I should feel privileged or left out with this whole sunshine dealy.

      Seriously, WTF?

    35. Don’t wanna disappoint « The Tizona Group Says:

      […] January 9, 2009, 7:17 pm — bingbing In the spirit of living up to our reputation as a hate blog, may I present to you fun little time muncherRaid […]

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