They Don’t Deserve This

Sometimes, we all see something so incredibly cruel, so incredibly heart-wrenching that we feel that it’s our duty to step in and right wrongs. This is the case with these cars. I’ll even explain what’s so wrong with the cars.

Pink Ferrari Enzo

Enzo Ferrari, named after the company's founder

Only 400 of these beautiful cars were ever produced. Ever. So hands up who thinks that some guy’s wife got this out of the divorce and broke his heart by painting that gorgeous car that disgusting, revolting colour?

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Northern Territorians are odder.

Well, as if we haven’t heard enough from that ever-stranger territory, here’s yet another little gem.

A Darwin man has been fined $2,000 for filming himself masturbating while speeding along the Stuart Highway.

The man is already in jail until August after pleading guilty to carrying cannabis in the car boot and two plants on the back seat.

So there you go.


The full monty.

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Ever been caught not been able to decide between a glass of milk or a soft drink? Then why not try a refreshing bottle of Milkis? That’s right. It’s a sweet, milk flavoured soda. Now before you start wondering, “Why didn’t I think of this?”, just suck it up and enjoy… Milkis.

Why didn't I think of that?

Why didn't I think of that?

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Sorry Barack but our ex-PM needs digs while he’s there.

FORMER Australian prime minister and Bush mate John Howard is the reason Barack Obama and his family have had to bunk out in a hotel ahead of the president-elect’s inauguration later this month.

Yep, normally it would be Barack and Co. staying at the official White House guest house next week but not this time round.

For our non-Aussie readers, John Howard is staying there so he can pick up the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

I wonder if KRudd will get one too someday.

Speaking of our little foul-mouthed 24/7 dynamo, the man has been half right lately. No prizes for guessing which half though.

KEVIN Rudd has defended Israel’s right to self-defence, but called for diplomatic efforts to bring about an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.


And the Left are having kittens over it!


From Tim’s YouTube link. Olbermann and Carlson get ballsy… my take.

The Inaugural Balls? Balls here. Balls there? And Olbermann is barred up?

Two people. Possibly six. One hundred and nineteen rooms. Bit squeezy.

Carlson sounds like it’s been a while for her.

…”at where you supposed to be having balls on your own…”

Olberman the swinger: “…neighbourhood balls…”

Carlson takes the bait.

“…there’s ten of them here…”

“…the Inaugural Committee is trying to tamp down some of the excesses of balls past…”

…”the best ball they’re doing is the Commander in Chief’s ball…”

“…which is open for free…”

“… and then young people get a cut-rate ball…”


“…(unintelligible) who is going to perform?…”

“…the problem with these balls is Keith, that I went to the two Clinton balls…”


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Queenslanders are odd.

As exibit one I give you this story.


A PERVERT has twice broken into a Cairns adult shop and had sex with blow-up dolls before abandoning the vinyl vixens in a nearby lane.

A bit of nudity below the page….

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“Family” Room

I put family in quotes, because I’m the only family in it.

Definately a dude's place.

I like having a house.

The thrashing tail of a dying beast

AUSTRALIA’S use of coal and carbon emissions policies are guaranteeing the “destruction of much of the life on the planet”, a leading NASA scientist has written in a letter to Barack Obama.

The head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Professor James Hansen, has written an open letter to Barack Obama calling for a moratorium on coal-fired power stations and the use of next-generation nuclear power.

Yep, nice one, Hansen. Shame about reality.

THE STARK headline appeared just over a year ago. “2007 to be ‘warmest on record,’ ” BBC News reported on Jan. 4, 2007. Citing experts in the British government’s Meteorological Office, the story announced that “the world is likely to experience the warmest year on record in 2007,” surpassing the all-time high reached in 1998.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the planetary hot flash: Much of the planet grew bitterly cold.

And yeah, I know you guys know about this but indulge me…



Hey, Hanson. Three words mate, Biden-style: Hands off, you spacecowboy!

Ho hum. As they say; if the shoe fits, wear it. Problem is, looking at those graphs…

A boot for Hansen, perhaps?


Oops. Link fixed. Thanks for the heads up, Husky.

Hot Israeli Army Chicks


And a teaser…

Go fuck yourselves, Hamas. These girls are on our side.

Go fuck youselves, Hamas. These girls are on our side.

Ron Paul Fucks Up

The Palestinians are in like a concentration camp. They have a few small missiles, but it’s so minor compared to the firepower of Israel, who has nuclear weapons. And they can turn off all the food and all the water….And yet we are going to have to accept some of the moral responsibility for this.

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