Hot Israeli Army Chicks


And a teaser…

Go fuck yourselves, Hamas. These girls are on our side.

Go fuck youselves, Hamas. These girls are on our side.

19 Responses to “Hot Israeli Army Chicks”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Pretty young things. Just popped the link off to a mate of mine whos anti-Israeli, that should raise his blood pressure a notch or 2.

  2. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Something tells me hamas wouldn’t stand a chance in this contest either…

    I am a bit worried about #6 though, mag in and finger on the trigger. I cant see the safety, but she should know better regardless.

  3. Mspirit Says:

    I see….Well lets all hope there is plenty for every body….hehehe

  4. Want to let Hamas know what you think of them? « The Tizona Group Says:

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  5. monominim Says:

    i want fuck israeli chichs

  6. Ali amiri Says:

    pffff thats your idea of hot girls???? HAHA lmao that explain your ugly race and their high leve confidence !

  7. illuminatie Says:

    fucking bitches i gonne fuck you if i see you

    you can win here but you don’t win in the life after 😉

  8. IdontGiveAfuck Says:

    are these gurls still alive… i doubt dat…
    anyway they look like ma ass.. they actually suck so hard….
    u Israeli ppl are so fking ugly even if we compare u to arabs lol..
    and u call these pigs chicks.. damn

  9. syukkaulue Says:

    allahu akbar..
    israely go hell.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      OK, which hell would that be??, the Chinese have more than on type of hell and so do the Japenese, i’m not so sure about other religions so i’ll just spec on that one. If you could specify which hell it would make the whole eternal damnation thing a bit easier to work with. After all how embarrasing would it be if a mouthbreathing animal buggering floater such as yourself sent someone to the wrong hell????????? “How Embarrassment”.

      Anyhoo, i’m sure you’ll be on your way praying to mo the goat humping paedophile and if you have some spare time feel free to lick the sweat off a dead lepers scrotum toerag.

  10. 1.6 Says:

    CJ, I think he was wearing tight, tight, tight pants today…

  11. William Grove Says:

    Israeli girls are indeed very hot! I know first hand because I’m currently dating a female Israeli army veteran who now lives in the U.S. I met my girlfriend Sagit at a bar where she works. I was hanging out with my old Marine buddies at the bar and man were they jealous because Sagit was very flirty with me. This beautiful brunette was scorching hot in her skin tight jeans and low cut tank top. Of course this 45 year old recently divorced former U.S. Marine did not waste any time and I asked her out. Despite the fact she is 20 years my junior she agreed to go out with me. We’ve been dating now for about 3 moths. There’s a funny story I would like to share that occurred a couple of weeks after we started dating. One day while my girlfriend and I were having some intense sweaty sex at her apartment, suddenly her ex-boyfirend walked into the bedroom to apparently pick up some stuff he had left behind. Of course my girlfriend and I were shocked and outraged. Her ex-boyfiiend is this short skinny Israeli guy with long hair that reminds me of a mop! Sagit started screaming at him in Hebrew and I got out of the bed butt naked and stood in front of him and threatened to kick his ass if he didn’t leave immediately. I am a tall built country boy from Oklahoma and you should’ve seen this weasel’s face, he was scared shitless apologized and and ran out of there without taking any of his belongings he left at Sagit’s apartment. We cracked up when he left and we quickly resumed to have some killer sex. Apparently we left the front door open and her ex-boyfriend decided to walk in unannounced. Anyways, if there’s a lesson to be learned here is to always lock your door not just for safety reasons, but to also avoid some real hot sex from being interrupted. My Israeli girlfriend proves that IDF girls are not just good with guns but they are also great in the sack as well! Go Israeli army girls!

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