What’s the point?

Good stuff if you live in a country with cheap electricity (with electricity). The rest of you guys, sorry, but you’ll cause even more global warming so the Left of the West requires for you to live in abject poverty.

Toyota has unveiled a budget priced electric car that can be driven up to 80km without using a drop of petrol, reports Joshua Dowling in Detroit.

Just don’t drive further than that otherwise you’ll need a long extension cord.

The car could be sold in Australia from as little as $20,000 within three years, although this is not yet confirmed.

But who cares? Thanks to Kevin Rudd’s ridiculous Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS/CAPRS), Australia’s main source of cheap energy, coal, is set to become a whole lot more expensive. And we virtually don’t have any nuclear power plants, despite an abundance of uranium – almost a quarter of the entire world’s supply.

Add to that, the car looks horrid and with oil around US$40 a barrel, nowadays, you have a classic example of exactly what futility is.


Remember, this is on top of Rudd giving Toyota thirty five million dollars to help them with hybrid cars.

Just… why give Australian tax dollars to the world’s most successful (and Japanese) car company to help them build hybrids? Why then would that company then concentrate on electric cars (with the hope of them being sold in Australia) when Australia’s electricity, for no good reason, is going to become prohibitively expensive?

This is, at best, lunacy.

JFTR: Cars. And more cars.

MSM searches in vain for sense of humour

News of the World is calling it Prince Harry’s racist video shame!

ROYAL rebel Prince Harry today stands accused of racism in a bombshell home video as he swaggers in front of his army comrades.

The Courier mail accuses him of mocking the queen!

PRINCE Harry has been accused of being racist after a video surfaced of him calling fellow soldiers a “a little Paki” and “raghead”, and mocking the Queen.

Tizona’s thinks it’s piss-funny.

Some memorable quotes…

Harry on the phone to the Queen: Bye. God save you. Yeah, that’s good. See you. Bye.

Soldier to Harry: Are your pubes ginger, too?

Harry: Yes, they are.

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