Time to vote again

Tim has a comfortable lead but Gizmococo has a narrow edge over Zoe. Should be right to vote Zoe tonight.

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Hamas update: Now they’re hiding out in hospital basements


After a day in which “only” 22 rockets were fired into Israel, the IDF stated that there has been a dramatic reduction in Hamas’ ability to launch rockets, with the launches having dropped by 50% compared to the start of the operation.

What hasn’t reduced is the cowardice of Hamas leaders, and desire to endanger the lives of their citizens, with reports that senior Hamasholes are hiding out in the basements of the Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza.

The UN’s call for a ceasefire is an utter joke. No wonder the US abstained.

An interesting drive to the meeting it was today

Yoda jokes aside, yep, this morning was the first time I’ve ever driven on slippery snowy sleety roads. Apart from sufficing with buses and taxis last year, it couldn’t have happened back then anyway. Didn’t snow.

I blame Bush, Canada and global warming. Diseased bint, Gaia, gets off the hook this time, but only this time!


Obama’s first 100… minutes.

Forget days. Theospark has put up a great little MAD magazine depiction/prediction of Obama’s first hour and a half or so in Office.

Tunnel Kittens of Gaza

Now that we’ve all had our fun with PETA’s “Sea Kittens” both here and at Blair’s,  I thought I’d throw a quick post together memorialising some of the best captions from Tim Blair readers for the photo below, featured in Tim’s post









There are even more good comments on the site – go see for yourself.  But of course, no Tim Blair post would be complete without at least one humourless self-righteous Lefty huffing and puffing about the evil heartless racist  flying-monkey RWDBs who mindlessly respond to Blair’s “Dogwhistle of Racism,” so preach it, Brother Toaf!


Dunno, Comrade – I for one think we don’t hear nearly enough “racist jokes about bestiality” these days.  But then, I’m not a self-professed “pinko-commo terrorist-lover,” so what would I know?


League, Union.

Either way, a certain reader wants the game explained.

Well, Rugby Union is the game they play in Heaven.

And Mark Coyne scored the best try ever in the history of the game of Rugby League.

Can anyone esle help out with some of the finer points apart that one can’t pass forwards and a good tackle is just that… and you AFL fans have no idea.




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