Gaza Rally In Melbourne, Sunday, 18th Jan.

Salaam All,

Please attend in large numbers.


Sunday 18 January 2009


“bring flags, banners and placards and tell your family and friends to come”

State Library of Victoria

Swanston Street, Melbourne City

then marching to Federation Square

We had 3000 people last time, lets make it even bigger this time!

Well, I guess since I’m childfree this sunday arvo, I might just head on down and lend my support.

To Israel.

Now, I missed the one back on sunday before last; these are not my photos. A friend of mine who supports Israel went to the pro and anti-Israel demos took them and I’m posting them for him.

If anyone wishes to join me in showing support for Israel just by being there, drop me a line.

5 Responses to “Gaza Rally In Melbourne, Sunday, 18th Jan.”

  1. Gramfan Says:

    Thanks, Nilk.
    I have sent out a group email 🙂

  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Watch you dont get followed back to your car. Some of those arses would think nothing of a bit of intimidation.

  3. spot_the_dog Says:

    I hope no skinheads/neo-nazis turn up, Nilk. See Gateway Pundit here. Stay safe, anyone who goes.

  4. nilk Says:

    The Socialists (via indymedia too lazy to link) will be there.

    I’m wondering if I should wear my American flag lol.

  5. bingbing Says:

    This Gaza thingy has really brought the termites out of the woodwork. Socialists, neo-Nazis and radicalised Muslims uniting. One can only hope Blair’s Law applies to this.

    The one that really gets me is the sickos with the “swastika equals Star of David” banners, as has been shown on CNN, too. Never mind the Nazis applied the Final Solution to the Jews. Never mind the Palestinians helped them (bone to pick with IBM and Prescott Bush over that one too but). At least the latter two came good (suck on that any pathetic sychophant Lefty reading this).

    It’s just absurd, sick, but perhaps even worse is much of the Western MSM, by ommission of any outrage, are tacitly supporting such evil nonsense.

    Last night, Ban Ki Moon stomped his little feet too, like anyone cares about the amoral UN any more.

    As Spot said, if you go, Nilk, just be careful all right, mate. The crowd will be full of vile twisted deranged freaks.

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