Want to let Hamas know what you think of them?

…But you’re way over here in Oz, the USA, Canada or the UK?

While you’re sitting safe and comfortable at your computer, click here and shout the IDF a pizza or some burgers and let the IDF show Hamas what you think of them.

During the last seven years we have delivered many thousands of pizza pies and other gifts to thousands of soldiers. It is hard for us to describe how happy they are to receive your “special treats” — it goes well beyond getting a hot pizza late at night at a lonely post. It is as tremendous an experience for us to give them out as it is for the soldiers to receive them. They love to know that people everywhere support and care for them.

Our deliveries right to the soldiers out in the field are coordinated with the security forces and pose no security risk.



Afterthought:   You know what’s NOT HOT? Declaring war on the Jews, saying you won’t rest until Israel is driven into the sea.  It’s also NOT HOT to use innocent civilians as human shields.   This too SO NOT HOT.

Hamas, Hezbollah: NOT HOT.

You know what IS HOT?  Selflessly defending a free democratic country against seventh-century madmen and their followers who would see her destroyed.  Also HOT – Israeli soldiers.  You know what else IS HOT?  Sending HOT pizza and burgers (and don’t forget the soda) to active duty IDF soldiers.

-Link to PizzaIDF courtesy of Nilk in comments at Tim Blair’s

8 Responses to “Want to let Hamas know what you think of them?”

  1. 185600 Says:

    Pizzas sent, and happy to do so.
    Hope all’s well, Spot.

    By the by, the training for this deployment is going to be……….interesting.
    I’m not really used to the whole ‘shave, your hair’s a little long, those boots aren’t issue, Sergeant, we’re aware of your backround, but this is the Big Army, etc, etc.’

    On a bright note, the kiddies seem pretty switched on. This is going to be a FUN year. 🙂

    Oh, and to Hamas – If you like I’ll dip my nuts in tabouli so you get a taste of home. Suck away, gutless wankers.

    Note; I’m terribly sorry if anyone found that last sentence rude, but I have a real soft spot for anyone who uses kids and women as a defensive measure. In the old days, that was called ‘Cowardice’. These days, it’s called ‘PR’.

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    I’m not really used to the whole ’shave, your hair’s a little long, those boots aren’t issue, Sergeant, we’re aware of your backround, but this is the Big Army, etc, etc.’

    LOL. Somehow, mate, I think you’ll manage! Might I be so bold as to suggest that with the kinds of situations you’ve been in (and gotten out of) over the last year or so, the Challenge Factor for that whole “shave, your hair’s a little long” blah blah blah thing is probably around 10 to the minus 12th?

    Anyway, I’m glad your “kiddies” (I’m sure they love you calling them that) are switched on and that things seem to be going all right so far. And I’ll be your Harriet is pleased to have you around too, hey?

    Good on you for sending some Za – ever since Nilk put that link up at Tim’s a few days ago I suspect that a lot of Blairites have been clicking. The people who run that program are probably wondering, “What’s with the 500 pizza orders from Australia in the past 48 hours?”

  3. bingbing Says:

    Awesome link.

  4. 185600 Says:

    They’re good people, just so young I guess, in the old unit most of the guys (we didn’t have girls, another new hurdle for me) were in their late twenties or thirties. Some of these kiddies were barely able to walk or talk when I joined up. But hey, we all get older.

    I was wondering though, is there a website to send Tabouli to HAMAS? It’s just that I have this vision of Achmed and Farouk opening a package with a small container of tabouli with two oval impressions on the top. Kinda similar to the shape of say, nuts?

    All I can say is that if the IDF boys and girls can enjoy some Za, I want to share the love. That’s me, caring, sharing, etc.

    And yes, Harriet is very happy in the new house, although her transfer won’t be completed (from NSWPOL to QPOL) until March. She’s spending a lot of time with one of my sisters, perhaps far too much time. All these anecdotes of ‘Well she told me that when you were 8 you……….’ 🙂

    Whatever makes her happy, I guess.

    But if she sings that f*cking ‘Sunshine’ song at me again, I could well be a widower after only 4 months of marriage. 🙂

  5. bingbing Says:

    When you send a pizza, you’re also able to send a comment. Perhaps you could try asking them to strap some tabouli onto a precision-guided rocket.

    Meanwhile, in other tabouli news…

    Iran has renewed efforts to supply advanced weaponry to Hamas and the IDF is concerned that the terror group will try to smuggle long-range Fajr missiles into the Gaza Strip.

    According to the latest intelligence assessments, Iran, which was responsible for writing Hamas’s military doctrine, has already launched an internal probe to determine how the plan it had created for Hamas failed to cause more IDF casualties.

    No worries. Surely there’ll be updates on channel nine or CNN, right? I bet Kochie is staying up late getting the latest info. Bet the pizza thingy will be on both morning whatchamacallits.

  6. 185600 Says:


    I would take a bet that the Israelis just went in heavy, as compared to 2006. Guerrilla warfare works best when the opposition goes in light, as in, moving into areas without armoured or air support, or with strict limitations on their use. When encountering a sniper, AT team, etc, in that situation, you can lose a lot of men (think Stalingrad or the Chechen wars. Not that there were many restrictions there).

    When you have good co-ord between all arms and a robust ROE that allows the commander on the ground a little freedom of decision, it’s a little different. Sniper? Bring the building down on him. It’s hard to shoot with 800 tonne of concrete on top of you. What? He had a family hiding in the room with him? Were they hostages or participants? In that situation, you look after your people’s lives first, everyone else second. These people danced in the streets after Israelis died in rocket attacks, with their whole families, celebrating needless death. Screw them. Sounds harsh, but if they cared about their families they would have got them out to a safer place, not used them as a shield.

    If Israel really, really wanted, Gaza would be cleared in fairly short order. But they haven’t. For all of the talk of ‘Genocide’ people put out, it most be the most inept of all time. I’m reminded of the German officer in Schindler’s List saying something to the effect of ‘ For 400 years there has been a Jewish Quarter in Kracow. After tonight, that is a rumour.’

    The so called ‘Palestinians’ need to work out what they love most, their kids or killing Jews. Considering how long it’s taking for them to work it out, I don’t doubt it will be quite a long while and a lot of lives on both sides until that ever happens.

    Kochie doesn’t have the balls to ever say anything about that sort of thing, nor do the rest of the media. Too worried about the ‘doctor’s wives’ demographic that doesn’t have to work and has time to worry about bullshit causes. Although, with the big ‘O’ in power now in the states, they may be too busy feeling their ‘Vibe’ to say much right now. God I hate the media. Pansies. And not the flower kind. 🙂

  7. thefrollickingmole Says:


    I have a mate of mine whos about as much of a self proffessed leftie as its possible to be.

    Hes ex services (no active service, wrong time and they wouldnt take him back despite screaming for his qualifications) and currently a copper.

    Even he scorns any description of Gaza as a “massacare”, 1000 in 3 weeks?
    If they went in to cause civillian deaths it would have been that many every hour.

    Yet papers still print ignorant crap straight from the mouths of Hamass propagandists.

  8. 185600 Says:


    Exactly. If a modern military force was serious about genociding people, believe me, they could do it. Look at the Warsaw ghetto in WWII. The Jews fought and died hard, but everyone died around them. And that was with 40’s technology.
    Some of the stuff modern armies can do is pretty effin’ scary, especially if they are morally capable of taking casualties. That’s why there are so many restrictions on warfare.

    Ref your mate, if the Service is screaming for his qualifications and they won’t take him back, then he is either too broken, old, or has a bad rep from back in the day. A lot of my mates got out and got back in after Sep 11, and got deployed. Some didn’t deploy, but provided a capability back home and were happy to do it as it freed up younger guys.

    On a bright note, today we got briefed on the ‘Environmental Impact Policy for the ADF’ or somesuch.
    Pretty little girl, and her opening statement told me that she has probably copped a lot of flak delivering it to soldiers “I know that this room could be divided right up the middle over the cause of Global Warming, but this is the Govt’s policy, and we all have to adhere to it, as the CDF and the Secretary have signed off on it’.
    She seemed a little sceptical about the whole thing, to be honest. The funniest thing is that she recommended a whole pile of things we already do, like turning off lights, air cons, etc when we aren’t there, or not damaging the training areas we use.
    In the old days, they just said “Try not to shot or run over Skip, and please avoid killing all the trees, or else you’ll have nothing to hide in”.

    She drew not a few stifled laughs with her closing statement, “We all work for the taxpayers, indeed we’re all taxpayers. Don’t you think the taxpayers deserve value for their money?”

    The Sergeant next to me was close to pissing himself laughing and said “Considering what she’s doing for a living, that’s the most ironic f*cking thing I’ve heard all day”.

    I had to stab myself in the thigh with my pen to stop myself from laughing. 🙂

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