Texas welcomes home Dubya

Well, there’s dignity and then there’s dignity.

A case in point.

H/T The Best Oz/NZ Blogger (apart from Bolt who probably didn’t even nominate).

Obama Countdown Clock – “Are We There Yet?”

If it was good enough for Lefties for the past 8 years…

UPDATE:  The Obama Countdown Clock is now available on this site

under the post

Obama Countdown Clock: “Are we there yet?”

and on the upper-right header of every page as

Obama Countdown Clock


President Obama: “Oaf” of Office – UPDATED

Chief Justice Roberts and President Obama had a little trouble with the Oath of Office. I was watching live and cracked up: Obama was cool as a cucumber, but Chief Justice Roberts almost came unglued.

Best wishes and God’s blessings to our new President. With the state of the world and the world economy, he’s going to need all the blessings he can get.

I wouldn’t want the job, frankly.

UPDATE: LOL! Obama and Roberts had a do-over… and got it right the second time.

De-development Advisor

President Obama’s pick for scientific advisor is a certain John Holdren, and apparently he’s well known for his Paul Erlich-like doom and gloom predictions, going back 40 years, including calls for the ‘de-development’ of “overdeveloped” countries. I’m sure you know the type. Hit that link for a great list of questions the Senate should ask him before approving his new job.

Holdren, however, might have to tone it down if only 41% of the population believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming.

All via Junkscience, naturally.

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