President Obama: “Oaf” of Office – UPDATED

Chief Justice Roberts and President Obama had a little trouble with the Oath of Office. I was watching live and cracked up: Obama was cool as a cucumber, but Chief Justice Roberts almost came unglued.

Best wishes and God’s blessings to our new President. With the state of the world and the world economy, he’s going to need all the blessings he can get.

I wouldn’t want the job, frankly.

UPDATE: LOL! Obama and Roberts had a do-over… and got it right the second time.

3 Responses to “President Obama: “Oaf” of Office – UPDATED”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Nice catch by Obama, youd think the Judge would have got it right but nooooo…..

  2. bingbing Says:

    I doubt there’s many who don’t wish Obama well. Break a leg, Barack.

    On a side note, and maybe this is being too cynical, but I’m just wondering had it been, say, (ooh, I dunno) Bush and the ‘oaf’ had been so bungled, would you have had more than a few Leftist pundits claiming it wasn’t valid?

    To be fair, Obama probably was the best choice for helping the US grow its balls back. Weird, since Bush really was a great president and I don’t know what else he could have done given the situations he had to deal with. It worries me not that most don’t agree with my sentiment.

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