Treacher is a Racist Rethuglican Sheepletard. [Updated]

And those are his good qualities.



UPDATE: Did you know that if you do a google search for “racist rethuglican sheepletard,” Treacher features in every one of the top ten twenty forty fifty one hundred hits?  It must be true!!!111!1!!!  (Oops.)

UPDATE 2: thefrollickingmole in comments offers a relevant (if disturbing) video from the Australian music programme Rage.   Oh, and yes.  We really are going to launch a write-in campaign for next year’s Webbies:  Best Racist Rethuglican Sheepletard Blog.

Adrian Munsey confused the world in 1979 when he released his composition ‘The Lost Sheep’ on Virgin records.

Adrian Munsey is a classical composer; working mostly in the field of film and video.

It’s not certain whether Adrian would like to forget this piece or not.


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