Australian of the Year 2009

The unequivocal winner of the 2009 Australian of the Year award will come as no surprise to anyone.

Refreshingly, this year’s choice is a completely apolitical and post-racial one, as our winner has chosen to spend his life in service to all Australians regardless of race, colour, creed or political leanings.  Our 2009 Australian of the Year is a brave yet modest  hero whose his skill and courage typify all that is great about our armed forces.

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of millions of proud and grateful Australians, I present the 2009 Australian of the Year award to Trooper Mark Donaldson , true Australian hero and the first Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross since 1969.

Trooper Mark Donaldson VC, Australia salutes you.


* Okay, in reality Kevin Rudd went for symbolism over substance, once again.  Quel surpris. Colour me distinctly unimpressed.  As is Andrew Bolt.  And Kae.  And Margo’s Maid’s Shadowlands, where they not only saw this coming but have a must-read post on he-who-doesn’t-deserve-to-be-named-in-this-post.  [Update:  via Kae, “Janet Albrechtsen at the Australian speaks about the ungracious winner“]


UPDATE: Speaking of must-read posts, if you click no other link here DO CLICK this one:  Australia Day 2009.   Private Greg Sher, deployed to Afghanistan with 1st Commando Regiment, served with the Special Operations Task Group. He was killed in a Taliban rocket attack on 4th January, 2009. Greg’s brother Steven wrote this piece.

My most sincere thanks  on this day and every day to all those who so selflessly defend our safety and freedom.  “Lest we forget.”

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