Where do laid-off journalists go?

Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) links to Knoxville blogger Katie Allison Granju who notes that

“It’s estimated that the American newspaper workforce shrunk by a whopping 15% last year.”

and asks,

“So what happens to a reporter or editor after she loses her job in an industry that isn’t creating any new jobs?”

So — where do laid-off journalists go?  Ms Granju gives a few examples, and links to a piece in the American Journalism Review titled “Is There Life After Newspapers?” which gives plenty more details and anecdotes, but the money-quote out of all this discussion comes from a comment at the knoxnews blog, pointed out by Carolina blogger par excellence Jon Ham:

If journalists know half of what they pretend to know when they’re working as journalists, they should have no problem getting jobs as climatologists, engineers, lawyers, and military consultants, to name a few professions.

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