Gang of no appearance?

Gang ransacks oldest Venezuelan synagogue

A gang of armed men has broken into the oldest synagogue in the Venezuelan capital Caracas and ransacked the building.

About 15 men tied up security guards and occupied the synagogue for five hours, desecrating scriptures and daubing slogans on the walls.


Hmm got me stumped who it could have been, maybe a bunch of Millitant Mormons, Savage Salvation Army troops or even Bloodthirsty Bhuddists.

Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro condemned the violence and said an investigation had been launched to find and try the culprits.

But Mr Maduro reiterated the Venezuelan Government’s diplomatic position towards Israel, calling the actions of the Israeli Government in Gaza criminal.

I wonder how such an action could take place under the nose of Hugo Chavez? What sort of environment could produce that sort of action? Surely the government wouldnt turn a blind eye?


The following quotes are from Wiki

Deputy Angel Landaeta, from the left-wing Fifth Republic Movement (MVR) founded by Chávez, accused Pedro Carmona in the political committee of the National Assembly on May 2, of having intended a “Sharon operation”, in order to do “what the Jews are doing in Palestine“.[7]

Venezuelan officials loyal to Chavez later stated that a “coalition of colonial Zionists and imperial powers” had organized and carried out the attempt.

On August 25, 2006, Reuters reported that Chávez had called for Israeli leaders to face a trial for genocide over killing in the Lebanon conflict. Speaking from Beijing, Chávez said the Jewish state had “done something similar or, perhaps worse, who knows, than what the Nazis did”.[

According to U.S. News & World Report, U.S. government officials say the Chávez administration allows alleged terrorist organizations to operate within Venezuela’s borders, including Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya. U.S. officials also allege that the Venezuelan government is knowingly providing identity documents to these organizations. The Venezuelan government denies these allegations.

Heres a link to Jews in Venezuela


Can anyone help me to “round up the usual suspects”?

5 Responses to “Gang of no appearance?”

  1. MarkL Says:

    Presbyterians. Has to be. According to the MSM, Hamas, Hizb’allah etc are unicorn riding kitten lovers with stardust in their hair whoa re constantly under brutal attack (for no reason, of course) by Jooooooooooos.

    So it could not be them!

    Has to be Presbyterians.


  2. Gramfan Says:

    “….are unicorn riding kitten lovers…”
    Shouldn’t that be “are unicorn riding sea kitten lovers”?

  3. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Sea kitten lovers?

    Sleeps with the fishes just like Troy McLure?

  4. Angus Dei Says:

    Nope. Missouri Synod Lutherans. We’re absolute savages.

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