Evil in human form.

And how certain news organisations cover it up.


Heres a copy of the story from NMSN news. Iraq woman ‘used rapes to recruit bombers’

And the meat of the story. Unambigous pure evil, surely no-one would find a way to cover up for a person like this? Why would they bother unless they were in some way moraly diseased?

A woman suspected of recruiting dozens of female suicide bombers in Iraq has told how she arranged the rape of victims and then convinced them martyrdom was the only way to escape the shame.

UPDATED: Thanks to bingbing for the video of the confession


Unambiguous pure evil, surely no-one would find a way to cover up for a person like this? Why would they bother unless they were in some way morally diseased?

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Weird hairy females seduce hot-blooded Caucasian men

(and its not about Paris Hilton or Amy Winehouse)

Come on, you didnt think Id go past a news story with an opening line like that.

From the ever relyable organ of truth Pravda!

A sensational incident took place in the Chegemsky Gorge of the Northern Caucasus. Researchers found evidence to prove the existence of Bigfoot in the area. Local residents say that Yeti females – people refer to these weird creatures as the Almasty – come into contact with humans and even attempted to have a sexual intercourse with local men.

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Another wander down memory lane, a Deportation.

I go to Dubai.


I was selected to take back 2 gentlemen to Dubai. Both had dropped their claims for asylum and were being removed.

I was summonsed to the DIMIA offices and given my orders. Including all the phone numbers, names and flights I would be taking. I quickly scurried off to the bank and withdrew a large sum of cash, Id heard Dubai was the place to get jewelry and didn’t want to miss out.

http://www.dubaigoldsouk.com/ A whole street of gold shops.

The flight to Perth was fairly uneventful, however instead of a days layover it was straight on a jet to KL. By the time we reached KL I was knackered, Id been up for about 18 hours. We were met by DIMIA staff and taken past passport control into the security section of the airport. They dropped me off at the immigration lockup at KL and told me theyd be back in about 5 hours to pick us up for the second half of the flight.

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