VOTE! ABC Poll on “Global Warming” PASS IT ON! [UPDATE: ABC Spits the Dummy] [UPDATE 2: Evidently, I’m a lying fraudster. Either that, or someone needs a new tin foil hat]

Via Andrew Bolt:

ABC News Radio today is asking listeners the following multiple-choice question on its web site:

Is Global Warming to blame for the current heatwave in Australia?

– Global Warming is a myth

– Yes


One of those answers has so far been ticked by 90.4 per cent of respondents. Guess which, and dare hope.

Spot sez … ** Go here to vote, or if that link doesn’t work the poll can also be found here **

*and if you were to clear your cache, you could conceivably vote more than once – the Chicago Way.  Not that you would.  I was just sayin’.

** Screen shots of ABC poll results and updates (and a bit of controversy and more updates!) below the fold: Read the rest of this entry »

Sometimes, there are just no words… (via Mythusmage)

Jared Yaffe

Jared Yaffe

Cross-posted from Mythusmage , regarding the man pictured above from this news piece.

And Then There is Vile

The face you see in this picture, that of one Jared Ravin Yaffe, is the face of a pedophile. But not the sort who has an affair with a young adolescent boy or girl. No, Mr. Yaffe is the kind of pedophile who preys upon very young children. In one case an infant just a year in age. He is reported as saying it didn’t matter if the toddler in question agreed to what Yaffe intended to do or not, since he couldn’t talk.

Yaffe was aided by one Aaron Zendejas, who provided victims and videotaped the acts in return for cash. Zendejas as a procurer and enabler bears a great deal of responsibility for the acts. but it is Yaffe who committed the acts, and so bears a much greater culpability.

Jared Ravin Yaffe is a violent sexual predator. He is a clear and present danger to society as a whole, and to children in particular. He is a rapist, using sex to cause pain and instill fear in his victims. He targets the very young because he is ill; he needs to control and dominate through pain and terror, using sex and sexual acts to instill that pain and terror.

The man is on the loose. So long as he is on the loose society is in danger, most especially the young. At the moment he is thought to be in the San Diego CA area, but he may have gone elsewhere. That’s why I’ve posted this.

Spread the word about Jared Ravin Yaffe; link to the story and his picture so that people will know about this and know what he looks like. The sooner he is caught, the sooner his threat to children and their parents can be ended. Contact your local authorities if you spot Jared Ravin Yaffe or have any information that can lead to his apprehension.

Let’s get this fucker off the street.

Third-rate Evidence for Third-hand Smoking

Please take the time to peruse this Junkfood Science analysis of the supposed perils of “Third-Hand Smoking” – a term only recently coined and referring to the minute traces of nicotine and other cigarette chemicals left behind by smokers, mainly in their own houses, and how these trace amounts might possible affect babies and young children.

As you would expect, the concentrations here are are about 10,000 times less than those found in second-hand smoke, itself a dubious health risk when you look at the evidence.

Don’t skip the analysis of polonium-210, a naturally occurring radioactive substance, and the number of years a baby would have to spend licking the floor to ingest lethal amounts. Rather droll, if it wasn’t for the creepy, insidious way these scares are propagated to control behaviour in society.

For the record, smoking is a health hazard. But that doesn’t give licence to these kind of scares.

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