Sometimes, there are just no words… (via Mythusmage)

Jared Yaffe

Jared Yaffe

Cross-posted from Mythusmage , regarding the man pictured above from this news piece.

And Then There is Vile

The face you see in this picture, that of one Jared Ravin Yaffe, is the face of a pedophile. But not the sort who has an affair with a young adolescent boy or girl. No, Mr. Yaffe is the kind of pedophile who preys upon very young children. In one case an infant just a year in age. He is reported as saying it didn’t matter if the toddler in question agreed to what Yaffe intended to do or not, since he couldn’t talk.

Yaffe was aided by one Aaron Zendejas, who provided victims and videotaped the acts in return for cash. Zendejas as a procurer and enabler bears a great deal of responsibility for the acts. but it is Yaffe who committed the acts, and so bears a much greater culpability.

Jared Ravin Yaffe is a violent sexual predator. He is a clear and present danger to society as a whole, and to children in particular. He is a rapist, using sex to cause pain and instill fear in his victims. He targets the very young because he is ill; he needs to control and dominate through pain and terror, using sex and sexual acts to instill that pain and terror.

The man is on the loose. So long as he is on the loose society is in danger, most especially the young. At the moment he is thought to be in the San Diego CA area, but he may have gone elsewhere. That’s why I’ve posted this.

Spread the word about Jared Ravin Yaffe; link to the story and his picture so that people will know about this and know what he looks like. The sooner he is caught, the sooner his threat to children and their parents can be ended. Contact your local authorities if you spot Jared Ravin Yaffe or have any information that can lead to his apprehension.

Let’s get this fucker off the street.

18 Responses to “Sometimes, there are just no words… (via Mythusmage)”

  1. Skul Says:

    When you catch that perv, send him here to Texas.
    Remember, we have an express lane.

  2. nilk Says:

    Skul, I suspect he’d better pray it’s the police who catch him.

  3. Kim Says:

    Oh shit. I’m going back to look at the picture and memorize his face.

  4. Told Truth Says:

    So how do you know that this man installs pain for pleassure? Do you know him personally? Have you seen these pictures? Why so you proclaim Aaron as being inocent? Do you know Aaron persoanlly? If Jared is a Fucker would that make Aaron Zendejas the asshole? Why are we appearing to over look Aaron like he is so inocent? hmmmm

  5. Told Truth Says:

    Oh my gosh have you seen Nilks profile. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. lol She looks and acts like a fat Nazzi. lol

  6. mythusmage Says:

    If he does nothing else, Told Truth works as an example of how much trolls have deteriorated in the last twenty years.

  7. spot_the_dog Says:

    Mythus, I’ve only just seen those comments. What an appropriate post to put them on, too – speaking of “vile” and all.

    Than again, maybe it’s just that Snelville, Georgia has an even lower-than-usual quality of troll…

    Your IP Address:
    IP Address Hostname:
    IP Country: United States
    IP Country Code: USA
    IP Continent: North America
    IP Region: Georgia
    Guessed City: Snellville
    IP Latitude: 33.7964
    IP Longitude: -84.0337
    ISP Provider: Comcast Cable

  8. spot_the_dog Says:

    “Oh my gosh have you seen Nilks profile. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. lol She looks and acts like a fat Nazzi. lol”

    ZOMG, have you all seen “Told Truth’s” public profile? Now the pic attached to his IP trace via remote operation of his WebCam as he makes his way up the stairs from his Mom’s basement for another packet of deep-fried pork rinds is worth WAAAAAY more than 1,000 words.

    We’re talking 1000 to the 12th (sorry don’t know how to do superscript here) words, with this one :-0

  9. mythusmage Says:

    1036 in other words

  10. mythusmage Says:

    Nope, you can do superscript in comments here I’m afraid. There are plugins that will let you, but you have to install them first.

  11. mythusmage Says:

    Ah, can’t do superscript that is.

  12. bingbing Says:

    Just what kind of person does such a thing?

    But also, just what kind of person posts troll comments on such an issue?

  13. LPak Says:

    Or sometimes there ARE words, but your not supposed to say them in public. I can think of some choice ones….

  14. Albert Says:

    Brazil just deported this asshole. He’s in federal custody in Atlanta for a week or so waiting extradition back to California to stand trial.

  15. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Thanks for that update Albert. Im sure hes recieving some Special High Intensity Training from both the staff and inmates…..

  16. john Says:

    I knew this man and I’m so relieved he’s off the streets. He was trying to molest boys in brazil and pissed authorities off there. I hope he gets life and no chance of getting out. I think he needs the death penalty for hurting so many innocent children who will now grow up and have so many issues because of jared’s actions. He can’t pay bail so now we’ll have to trust in the legal system that the right thing will be done.

  17. Albert Says:

    One down, one to go.

    Zendejas plead guilty to several counts of the indictment. His likely sentence, 15 years to life. In California that just means Life. Baby rapers don’t get parole.

    Yaffe’s turn is coming up next month. Zendejas will testify against him and he faces a century or more PLUS life in prison.

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Thganks for the update, hes not going to have much fun where hes going anyway…good!

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