‘Conversatives’ are stoopid. Apparently.

Not having much time (or inclination, it must be said) to prowl around the dark reaches of the Left-o-sphere these days, I am a little unfamiliar with the goings-on there.  When an acquaintance dropped me a line to let me know that a comment I had made on Andrew Bolt’s blog yesterday had (within hours) been cut ‘n’ pasted (out of context of course) into comments on a new Crikey blog, and that another commenter had cut ‘n’ pasted my “About” section from this blog there as well, I dropped in to have a look.  [Memo ‘Bertus’:  If in future you want to debate and/or further discuss any of my comments, I’m perfectly amenable to it – on the blog on which I originally made said comments.  Engage, don’t speculate and snipe.]

Anyway.  Back to Crikey’s new blog.  Meh. Not overly impressed, but – whatever.  There’s plenty of room for everyone on the Interwebs I guess, hey?  Chacun à son goût & all that. But since people with whom I’ve never knowingly corresponded on a blog on which I’ve never commented were somewhat interested in me and my life, I went to have a look at their link to a site by the same authors  which is dedicated to “watching” Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair (does that sound more than a little creepy to anyone else?).

This was the most recent comment on the most recent post there:


See how the blogosphere can bring us together?  Here’s a great chance for bipartisan across-the-aisle diplomatic relations.  Because I don’t rightly know what conversative ignorance” *is*, but it surely sounds like something I’d be willing to stand up against as well.

Ignorant conversatives of the internets, consider yourselves now on notice!   Conversative ignorance is a curse up with which we Rethuglican Sheepletards will not put.      (You will later be joined in Coventry by those happy haters willing to condemn others as ignorant without even understanding the difference between your & you’re and there & their themselves.)

Well.  Anyway.  Like the Black guy sez“And that’s my rant.“*

(*Sorry Kevin ;-))

UPDATE: Mythusmage joins our bipartisan non-denominational Fatwa against ‘Conversative Ignorance’ – with a slightly different tack…

37 Responses to “‘Conversatives’ are stoopid. Apparently.”

  1. Boy on a bike Says:

    That post was soon followed by this one:

    “Timmys’ blog is becoming less and less, ( how will i put this ) well, hardly anyone goes their anymore so no-one will be taking notice of him. Bolts’ blog, i’ve had a feeling for a while now that a lot of the posts are ” planted ” just to dog whistle. Take Barry Bones for example, he’s normally the first one on, the sheep day after day call him a troll but Barry still gets the most replies from them. The flock are not too bright, are they?”

    ‘Hardly anyone goes their anymore..”?

    It’s a bit rich for someone who says that the “flock are not too bright” can’t even tell the difference between “there” and “their”.

    So there.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      So there.

      Hah. Well if we can’t be immature and petty on the internet, where can we be immature and petty?

      Actually I would not normally make a big deal over someone’s simple grammar/spelling/punctuation stuff-ups in a blog comment, because I’m sure I make plenty myself; but if said blog commenter is blanket-condemning an entire mass of people (including me) as “idiots” and in so doing gives a gold-medal-worthy performance in idiocy himself, I reckon they’re fair game.


  2. Angus Dei Says:

    I’ve said this a million times before, so make this one-million-one: Leftists are EVERYTHING they accuse conservatives of being; sexist, racist, intolerant, close-minded, fascistic, and stupid.

    Spelling and grammar are ALWAYS better on conservative blogs because conservatives have higher average IQ’s and better educations than leftists do. In fact, stupidity and poor education is the number one cause of leftism.

    Manners are also better on conservative blogs – FAR BETTER – because conservatives have superior morals compared to leftists. Since leftism is inherently immoral, this is no surprise, I guess.

    • monkeywrench Says:

      The Andrew Bolt blog; I rest my case.
      I suppose we must be thankful you haven’t typed your message in upper-case, as many of Bolt’s supporters do. I have rarely come across such a collection of people so incapable of correct usage of English; worse still, they are unimaginative to the point of deadly dullness. Typos I can forgive, even grammatical errors; but rigid monocular dullness, especially in the phraseology of their attacks, is unforgiveable; much like your own facile , blanket assertions above. It reads like a religious pamphlet.

    • Fred Phillips Says:


  3. spot_the_dog Says:

    Cheez whiz, Gus 🙂 Y’all aimin’ to set ’em to seethin’ there?

    • Angus Dei Says:

      All too easy. – Darth

  4. Bertus Says:

    Fascinating how you fucktards are ALWAYS American. And it’s the God Wondrous America that’s about to destroy the world.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Fascinating how you fucktards are ALWAYS American.

      Fascinating how you fucktards Leftards are ALWAYS American so polite and charming.

      (And so often wrong in your presumptions. I’ve been a full-fledged Australian citizen for years. YAY for multiculturalism, hey?)

    • bingbing Says:

      I’m Australian.

  5. Jim Treacher Says:

    What a lissy sooge.

  6. spot_the_dog Says:

    BTW, Bertus, what’s the deal with this comment?

    Posted February 23, 2009 at 12:47 am | Permalink

    Um Pure Poisoners – do you have to have these trackback thingos? I really honestly think folks like Tizona are probably seriously dangerous, like possibly homicidally dangerous and I’m not kidding. Americans are really starting to worry me, like massively.

    I clicked on the 8.11pm trackback and when I got down to comments, there was my jolly lil’ email address, I actually don’t want turds like Tizona KNOWING my BLOODY EMAIL ADDRESS ta very much!!

    What in my post leads you to the conclusion that I am “seriously dangerous, like possibly homicidally dangerous”?

    And where the heck is your email address (excuse me, your BLOODY EMAIL ADDRESS*) showing here?

    Finally, why are you more interested in sniping and dropping F-bombs at me & my friends here rather than trying to engage me? You’re the one who picked up one of my comments at Bolt’s and went scurrying off to Crikey with it like a funny little magpie intrigued by something shiny; as I said above, I’m perfectly amenable to reasoned debate on any comments I make publicly, but only on the forum on which I originally made them.

    Try not to be so grumpy and paranoid, Bertus. It can’t be good for you.

    * PS: Try not to use ALL-CAPS like that. Your friend Willt aka Monkeywrench above apparently finds them most offensive and might mistake you for a Bolt supporter — “I suppose we must be thankful you haven’t typed your message in upper-case, as many of Bolt’s supporters do.”

    • elsie Says:

      Bertus, I am one of the dimwits who reads the Bolt blog. I am not so dumb though as not to realise that, once you have posted a comment here, the computer will remember your address and bring it up in the reply box. The only person that sees your e-mail address is YOU (Apologies for the capitals, but you need being shouted at!)

      You are also abominably rude! Four-letter words do not make a genius.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Bertus, I am one of the dimwits who reads the Bolt blog.

      And she is also an Australian, a Cubs fan, exceptionally perspicacious in her observations and comments AND breath-takingly beautiful 😉

  7. JD Says:

    Aw, poor l’il Bertie. 😦

    Spot, “homicidally dangerous”? You, “massively worried”?

    Man, you got to get yourself a life Bertie. Plenty of REAL things to be “massively worried” about — Dawg here ain’t one of them. He ain’t even angry (yet), let alone “dangerous” – and I’ve known him since he was but a pup, believe me you’ll know if he’s *really* angry.

    Oh, and *I* may be American too but I’m also BLACK (and PROUD). So any potshots you wanna take at *me*, like calling me names and such, I’m preemptively calling you “RACIST!” Like Spot say, “So there.”

  8. Angus Dei Says:

    “Massive Worry”

    If thinking about the implications of that concept doesn’t make you laugh, you just aren’t very imaginative, or you don’t know anything about physics; probably both.

  9. mythusmage Says:

    Mom probably made Bertus eat his lima beans again.

  10. Mythusmage Opines » New Peril Stalks Land Says:

    […] The Tizona Group 222 views (No Ratings Yet)  Loading […]

  11. Gramfan Says:

    The left are getting desperate. They were once pretty forward-thinking and liberal. Now they just want everyone to agree with them.
    “The Left is only too happy to suppress free speech. It doesn’t know what it’s getting itself into..”

    Here’s another interesting piece to file away.Tactics down to a T.

    It’s a shame Bolt/Blair and others have their sites in a mess right now, but I am sure all will be well.

  12. mythusmage Says:

    Thanks for the ping, but my post was on people who are ignorant in their conversation. You know, conversative ignorance.

  13. 185600 Says:

    Berty? I doubt you know what ‘danger’ is child.
    What are you whining about this time? At least your “Mohammed the Dead Terrorist” ringtone didn’t go off in the middle of a lesson about GSM initiated IEDs.
    Swap any time, SpellingBoy.

    I’m sure that his concern includes his fellow citizens, ie; me, right? So I can expect he’ll be there to protect lil’ ol’ me in a couple of months? Dick.Head.

    Actually I take that back, that man???? Has no dick.

    Cuddles Berty, from the abusive uncle you never had. 🙂

  14. Kim Says:

    Bertie sounds like he’s 12.

  15. Kim Says:

    And dyslexic.

    • mythusmage Says:

      I’m dyslexic, Bertie is a fumble fingers.

  16. nilk Says:

    LOL! I have a bit of time out, and come back to this.

    I wonder how the poor lefties will cope with me?

    I’m Australian.
    I’m also American. Not sure what that makes me.. perhaps a septic bogan?

    As for Spot being a danger…. hahahahahhahaha!

    • Angus Dei Says:

      Spot is a super-massive worry-well of danger.

    • bingbing Says:

      Tizona’s very own attack/guard dog. If that menacing avatar isn’t enough to make newcomers wary, then what is?

    • bingbing Says:

      It should be noted this blog is inhabited by no less than three different animals; those being, of course, a dog (fearsome canine), a cow bull (the beef of God), and a very happy mole that just loves to frollick (namely at some of the weirdest places on the Net judging by some of his pics and links).

    • Gramfan Says:

      Those three animals should be enough to tackle the trolls!

  17. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Ant Rogynous continually misspells his name.


  18. JCG Says:

    Are those Leftists aware that far from being ‘homicidally dangerous’ my friend “spot” xxxxxxxxxxxx [EDITED by spot_the_dog to remove TMI. Thanks for the thought, Joe, but no personal stuff here, ‘kay?]

  19. JCG Says:

    And, look what those psychopathic Leftists say about him

    shame on them. makes me sick.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Thanks for your concern, JCG, but I have an idea who posted those comments – we’ve had dealings with him before – and I have come to the conclusion that someone who would write things like that (our spam filter is regularly full of them if it’s the person I’m thinking of – the style is almost 100% consistent) would be utterly beyond shame, so ignoring them completely is the best strategy.

      Again, thanks for the screencap, but I’m not gonna make a big deal about it, as that’s probably what he wants.

  20. Clara Says:

    Someone should TELL Tim Blair or others in the Media about those comments left on crikey which JCG copied

    That is DISGUSTING and lower than low. Out those idiots.

    • bingbing Says:

      I would have, Clara but don’t think it’s really up to me to do so.

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