How many rockets can you buy for five billion bucks?

As if the international community raising/pledging $5,200,000,000 for Hamas to buy more rockets to reconstruct their territory after Israel finally took action against Hamas’ daily rocket attacks wasn’t enough to make you feel ill, resident Internet idiot, Damian Lataaaan still isn’t happy.

It is cynically being used to manipulate a series of political outcomes that will benefit only Israel, not least of which will be the hopeful sidelining of Hamas as a political power in the Gaza.

First, Lataaaan has no actual evidence of this. Second, why would this be such a bad thing anyway?

Let’s face it. If Hamas really gave a rats about their people, then they wouldn’t use them as human shields or use money desperately needed for schools and hospitals to buy yet more rockets and the like.

But of course, Lataaaan would sympathise with a bunch of folks who tell their children to kill their neighbours. Fuckwit.

Just WTF do you want, Lataan?

Chastizing Obama over his approach to Iran because he’s being to harsh on those nice Iranians? Sympathising with a government that tells its children to hate?

Lataan needs help.

What we already knew.

If you can overlook the sometimes shaky automatic translation from the original Danish, here’s a welcome study supporting what so many of us have been saying for years about the infamous Mann Hockey Stick.

Via JunkScience.

Memo to Wronwright: sloppiness will not be tolerated.

A reminder to all VRWC operatives: please clean up after your mess. This sort of thing getting out simply isn’t acceptable.

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