Busted… again

Not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing… or just plain funny.

You Yanks with Joe “the mouth” Biden?

Ha! Yet another example of our head cheesedick kicking your head poodle’s ass.

…’ Mr Rudd warned punters to expect a “political s[hit] storm”

Can’t really complain. After all, honesty in politics is a rare thing.

Chewin’ the fat

But still making some time for the game.

A photo essay of fat jocks.

H/T the Bris Vegas daily.

International Women’s Day Only for Canada, Evidently

So, Canadian MP Carol Hughes issues a “statement” for International Women’s Day, in which she pisses and moans about all of the really important women’s issues.

“Many events are being held across Canada today to celebrate International Women’s Day.

While the wage gap between men and women has narrowed since the 1970s, we are fighting the same battles we did 30 years ago.”

Yes, despite the fact that wage disparities are mostly a thing of the past, the feminotards are still fighting the same battles they did thirty years ago. Perhaps that’s a problem? Perhaps that is the problem?

“Using the cover of a fiscal crisis, the government has stripped the right of women to challenge pay-equity decisions.

Combined with the past decisions that ended the court challenges program and removed equality from the mandate of Status of Women Canada, this government has done all it can to ensure the ‘pink ghetto’ of underpaid and undervalued work will continue.”

No, what’s really happening here is that a feminist is lamenting the fact that there will be less work for shysters who file mostly frivolous lawsuits.

“Pay equity is not as simple as equal pay for doing the same job as a man.

What equity implies is that work of equal value receives similar compensation.

It is not as cut and dry , and often requires third-party intervention to settle disputes – the courts.”

I rest my case: Feminotards hate men… unless they’re lawyers wasting taxpayer money in court. Plus, they have reasoning abilities approaching absolute zero: Pay equity is exactly as simple as equal pay for doing the same job as a man.

Of course, she goes on and on and on like a broken fucking record on this one single topic, ignoring all of the real issues facing INTERNATIONAL women. Like, oh, I don’t know, let’s start with women in Muslim countries having their genitals mutilated so that they can never have orgasms, for starters (If Muslims think their god is so great, then why did their god fuck up and give women the physiology to enjoy sex, anyway? How come it’s left to mere men to fix their god’s mistake?).

Then, of course, she could have touched upon even more serious problems with Muslims in her very own Canada who kill women in the name of honor for such crimes against humanity as rejecting abusive husbands or being raped.

Yes, she has it exactly right: Wage disparities in Canada are the largest problem women face worldwide.

This is the kind of abject fuckwit you Canadians have running your government. Not that the US is doing any better, mind you. Here, we are getting the Obamateur Hour for at least four years. Tax cheats are running the Treasury, for crying out loud.

Of course, I’m a US citizen, but I was born in Newfoundland, so shit like this really pisses me off. Idiot politicians everywhere seem to have exactly no sense of perspective on anything right now. To call world politicians today dysfunctional would be giving them too much credit. They are actively working to be scumbags.


Lost In Translation… somehow

OK. Not even the fact it’s not a proper sentence. It’s a verb phrase.  And the restaurant did serve good tucker. And it was a wild and crazy night. But still… and the fact it was called ‘Rodeo Restaurant’? Damn.


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