Was it a subconscious thing?

Maybe it was the beautiful woman sitting next to me. Maybe I was just in porcine paradise. Either way, this was completely unintentional.

Mmmm, baaaaaacon...

Mmmm, baaaaaacon...

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Sunday Brunch

Well, Spot insisted that it contain bacon. However, I was feeling a little more nostalgic. So, what to do? Well, Tizona’s presents the nostalgic bacon brunch… even more nostalgic than when first posted. So relax, kick the bucket your heels up and enjoy the time with the family.

Brought to you by the world’s favourite family restaurant…

Mmm, 21-year-old McDonald’s bacon bits. Enjoy.




Man, this guy is sick.

Did it ever occur to you, Damian, that the world’s most enlightened nations aren’t attending this conference because it’s nothing more than a bash-the-West -fest? You know, freedom of speech, personal liberty, democracy et. al.

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

Antony Loewenstein wants radical Islam reframed.

Into a fluffy wuffy teddy bear?

In case this week’s Sunday brunch isn’t enough…

Katie Couric has been given an award for her vile trashing of Sarah Palin back before the election.


White Day

“What is White Day?” you may ask. Na, it’s not a racist rethuglican sheepletard thing. It’s a Korean (Japanese?) thing and was celebrated yesterday. The deal is this: on Valentine’s Day, only the women are meant to give a romantic gift to the men which is reciprocated the following month (i.e. yesterday). Next month will be Black Day for all those singles out there (BTW, jjajangmyun is pretty yummy but not yummy enough for Sunday brunch). Somehow I get the feeling the bloke below will be celebrating Black Day. Probably best to put it below the fold, though…

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