Recommended Reading

Just a note for those of us who are readers of Rafe Champion that he has recently completely revised his “Full Index” page on his blog The Rathouse in order “to make the bits and pieces on the site easier to find.”  (He adds, “I hope!”)

It looks great to me, makes it easy to find articles by topic, and includes among other things a comprehensive list of his articles on the Rathouse site as well as on others such as as Club Troppo and Catallaxy.

If for some reason any of y’all aren’t readers of Rafe’s work, I highly recommend going over and having a look.   For me, it looks like I’m going to have a bit of down-time with only sporadic internet access this week so I’m busy downloading some of his “back catalog” for when I feel the need for some brain-food.

And, oh well, as long as I’m plugging blogs here, although I only recently “discovered” it (hey, make allowances for me; I’m still a relative newbie), I really recommend the skepticlawyer blog, if you’re not already a reader of it.  I only found it via a link during the recent “blog wars,” but I’ve been clicking over now when I get a chance lately and have found some interesting posts there.  From what I’ve read so far, the two bloggers, SkepticLawyer and Legal Eagle, don’t seem to have much interest in snarking or point-scoring and I’ve found it (again, only from my limited reading so far) to be a pleasant oasis of intelligent and civil discussion and analysis.

Two recent posts I think might interest some of our regulars here:  yesterday’s “Something Rotten in the State of WA” (as the Sandgropers among us ask “…and this is news?”) and one from earlier this month, “Right to a child versus rights of a child.”

Anyway, you’ll find both Rafe’s blog and the Skepticlawyer blog over on our blogroll.  Have a poke around and see what you think.


[EDIT 17 March 5:45am – AUGH!  I just realised that I spelled “Skeptic” in SkepticLawyer wrong  (the Aussie c, not Yank k way).  And not once, not twice, but a beautifully consistent three times above.  Sorry, guys.  Fixed.]

5 Responses to “Recommended Reading”

  1. Legal Eagle Says:

    Why thank you! So glad you enjoy our work.

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    You’re quite welcome, friend. Some of the recent PP blog-kerfuffle stuff was/is all a bit shabby and got a bit rough, but one positive is that it led me to the discovery of both your blog and Ned the Bear’s 🙂

  3. skepticlawyer Says:

    Thanks for your kind words, spot. And yes, if nothing else I too found some different blogs. I now check on yours much more regularly, and also have discovered the gem that is ‘Margo’s Maid’.

  4. Richard Ryan Says:

    [EDITOR NOTE from spot_the_dog]

    Go away, Richard Ryan. One more comment like that and we’re publishing your email address, ISP details and IP address. Enough is enough.

    You will not be able to say you were not warned. You and your sick, deranged comments are STILL not welcome here.

    You are quite likely insane and need help urgently. GO. AWAY.

    UPDATE from spot_the_dog: Hey Ryan, a helpful hint. El-cheapo web-based IP-forging sites are not as “secure” as some folks seem to think they are. Just sayin’.

    • The Wizard of WOZ Says:

      Is that pillock still floating about?

      Hey Dick. Eat 7 mate.

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