Was this the plan all along?

The only source for this is Pravda, so I wouldn’t stake the farm on its reliability.

George Soros was a major backer of Obamas campaign through a multitude of “community organisations” and soft money.

Obama appears to be floundering on the economy in the US. For the “smartest guy in the room” he appears to be fumbling much more than you’d expect, with many of the economic management positions in his administration still to be filled. (And Barney “I know Nuthik!” Frank anywhere near money after his role in the Fannie/Freddie debacle)

Then there’s this.

Russia unexpectedly supported George Soros’s idea to turn the drawing rights of the IMF into the world’s supercurrency. The idea is clear: the dollar is too risky to become the stronghold of the financial system.



More below the fold.
The ramifications for the US if this was to happen shouldn’t need spelling out, the article goes on to try and fudge the effects by stating:
The introduction of SDR will most likely not solve the problem, nor will it restrict the influence of the United States on the international financial system. The States enjoy the largest number of votes at the IMF – 17.5 percent. Japan and Germany, the two next members, own only 6.3 and 5.53 percent of votes. To put it in a nutshell, the USA will keep the control over the issue of the new world currency anyway,” the analyst added.
To which I reply bollocks. If the Us was to lose its defacto reserve currency status the value of the US dollar would fast achieve parity with Botswanas.
Then there’s this
US investor George Soros set out his views regarding the creation of the new money in the world. He wrote in one of his articles that the future of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank depended on their handling of the problems of developing economies under the conditions of the financial crisis. The IMF does not have enough resources to support the developing states, Soros believes.
Soros is an open supporter of some form of supra-national government, with a UN mandated reserve currency in place how easy would it be for the UN to beggar the industrialised nations for its own agenda.
All this is speculation bordering on tinfoil hat, however weather by accident or design Mr Soros and the IMF find themselves with the US unable (or unwilling) to take rational action to address their own economy, let alone act to stabilise the worlds. Tie that in with a global tax in the form of carbon emissions being taxed and you pretty well have all you need for an organisation with all the powers of a sovereign nation with none of that messy democracy stuff.
Heres the Pravda link.

One Response to “Was this the plan all along?”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Some folks I talk to on both the Left and the Right have suspicions of all this NWO stuff. It’ll probably happen someday assuming we don’t all blow each other to hell in the meantime. Whether a world government is realised in our lifetimes is another mattter.

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