Perjurer goes to gaol.

This may seem petty but I’m extremely glad convicted perjurer Marcus Einfeld has gone to gaol. This apparent pillar of society accused me, and the people I worked with of being no better than the following picture.

He told multiple lies of both fact and omission while doing so, but being a “pillar of society” and supporting the lefty side of the debate, he was not refuted as he should have been.

Below the fold is a minor Fisking of just one speech he gave on the area I happen to have a great deal of knowledge about. Detention services. There is at least an essays worth there, but I don’t feel the urge to refute every one of this convicted liars claims.

More below.

This is likely to be fairly long again, so grab a refreshing beverage and read!

Here’s the speech the Fisking is being taken from, back when Einfeld was a person of “moral integrity”. I might also add the site this speech is hosted on is one the ABC (national government sponsored broadcaster) used as a “cut out” to repeat nearly any allegation made in detention services. This allowed the ABC to repeat ANYTHING alleged as having come from a “reliable source” regardless of truth or not.


Funny how he was railing against the US and its allies for leaving Saddam in Power here, yet was against the war that overthrew him when it happened eh?

And while he is no doubt quivering in his boots at this moment at the looming possibility of invasion by Australia’s military might led by that redoubtable veteran campaigner of many a decent stoush, Alexander Downer, we have thus far allowed him to remain in power so that he can go on oppressing his own people and doing murderous mischief and mayhem around the world  Ooops history happens….

Here he dismisses the cold war and the possible consequences as mere “brain washing” of the general public.

It faces the realisation that humanity is threatened, not so much by superpower rivalry or nuclear confrontation – as we have been brainwashed for so long

And Id give it about 5 years (in light of the North Koreans and Iranian advances in missile/nuke tech) till this sounds stupid as well…

It is hardly any wonder that sane minds everywhere question the proposed massive expenditure on “star wars” technology and missile defences because they will be totally irrelevant to our contemporary risks and dangers.

Pure shite, the disadvantages facing many Aborigines are a product of the caring classes not of prejudice. If stuck any group of people on welfare for 30 years, taught them it was someone Else’s fault, and they were being held back by “others” rather than lack of education/social integration the results would be the same, regardless of skin colour.

In short, we continue to deny Indigenous people the very equal opportunity to a fair chance in life which we Australians like to call a ‘fair go’ for all.

Pigs arse, Mr convicted perjurer has his speech posted on this website. This websites master is one of the people who explicitly says what Mr Einfeld is dismissing.  Id submit Mr Einfeld is probably telling a lie…again.

I repeat: No one has ever argued that anyone and everyone should be allowed to come to Australia whenever they choose. No one has ever suggested that anyone but we Australians should decide who should come here,..

This is somewhat misleading. It was NEVER in my 4 years working at Port Hedland Immigration detention centre a case where a detainee was placed into separation (basically chokey, or confinement) without a witnessed offence, such as property damage (usually window smashing), ranging up to assaults on staff or on one occasion, child molestation. Not allegations, but witnessed offences. Id be interested to know how it would be “unjust” considering the offenders never even receive a criminal record, or terms much longer than a week?

Even more savagely, they are not even given a hearing before being imprisoned for alleged misdemeanours committed within the detention camps themselves.

More half truths. Why have none of these been prosecuted?? Id submit many of these statements are just as false as Mr Einfelds own sworn testimony…

But as I shall seek to show, the monster we have created is much much worse than that. I have folders full of the most disgusting examples of mistreatment of detainees in these camps. I have photographs, signed statements, medical reports.

And with all due respect (absolutely fucking none at all)  Id invite Mr Einfeld to get fucked. Suck the barbed cock of satan and be buggered by a randy donkey. There is NOTHING more offensive this turd on legs could say.

I do not much like historic parallels anyway but the thuggery of the guards at Woomera as shown on that TV program and of the employees at the other camps evidenced in my folders are not much different to that shown by some SS Guards in the name of the Third Reich in the 1930s in Europe.

So according to Mr Fuckhead Einfeld I was doing this sort of thing for 4 years.

Just think about the lying needed to compare the above picture to anything which has happened in Australian detention centres. Unless you were knowingly lying or exaggerating the facts it wouldn’t be possible.


Now we come to one of the biggest lies told by refugee advocates, that the government knowingly lied about children being thrown overboard.

FACT: Children were dangled overboard (but not thrown) in an obvious threat by their parents.

FACT: At least 1 boat was deliberately sunk by some of the passengers, children ended up in the water there.

FACT: Multiple boats were made unseaworthy/sabotaged by passengers on many occasions.

To get hung up on the semantics of “yes they ended up in the water/the boat was sabotaged while simultaneously claiming the government made a statement in bad faith requires a certain nonchalance with the facts.

The furore over the children supposedly thrown into the sea by their parents has revealed only one of the lies we have been told.

The next statement from his speech is pure bliss for me.

There is no human right to lie.

This is another furphy put about by fools. If I had a system whereby 95% of its applicants were successful based almost solely on their uncorroborated oral testimony, I can guarantee an increasing number of unsavoury applicants. This is precisely what happened. Either Mr Einfeld is a fool, or hes lying again..

I can assure you of one thing — rich people and terrorists would not – and do not – wait in these places for years! Nor do the wealthy and the wicked risk their own lives in unseaworthy boats offering squalid conditions for days and weeks on end, under the control of people they don’t know, going to places they have never seen and know nothing about.

I dealt with one man and his sons who organised a number of shipments of people to Australia. On his trip across (after making a fortune) he and his sons threw 3 Afghani boys overboard after a dispute. That’s whom Mr Einfeld is defending… They were never charged, there were just 3 extra loads of baggage on the boat which no-one claimed. Those boys families will never know what happened to them, and their murderers actually were featured as “victims” in at least one pro-refugee book I’m aware of.

Having said that criticisms of some people smugglers were justified, I also say quite unashamedly that some people smugglers are and have been heroes.

Pigs arse, Mr Einfeld would be aware about 85% or more of detainees were single males. He’d also be aware of “anchor babies” being the norm, not just an accident for detained women. Port Hedland had a lot of air con, every block had it. In addition Curtain airbase had air-con in every residential block, as did Christmas Island. Visitors were allowed as long as they said whom they wished to visit, the detainee said yes, and it was within normal visiting hours (generally 4 hours a day). Again id suggest Mr Einfeld is being somewhat economical with the truth….

But our authorities would rather keep every child, every elderly and sick person, every pregnant woman locked up behind barbed wire, most of them in remote places, or in the desert with temperatures of 45° to 50° and no or insufficient air conditioning – and not a tree, or a decent bit of grass, or another friendly face in sight.

And the charging of monies is purely a legal barrier to the person rejected as an asylum seeker from being allowed back into Oz after  being deported. Successful applicants for a refugee visa owe NOTHING, another fact Mr Einfeld seems to have conveniently “forgotten” to mention…

And now we are charging people for their detention – not to collect the money because we don’t let them work to earn any, but to punish them for having the temerity to seek asylum here.

I can explain this quite simply. its to protect anyone who may still be in the country of origin (Ie; other family members) Or it is to prevent a secondary claim for asylum.   EG: Getting your picture in any publication with “I think Im’mad’in’a’dinner’jacket sucks dead dogs dicks next to it would trigger a second claim…. Again Either Mr Einfeld (whom apparently spent some time investigating these issues) is either a very bad investigator or lying again.

No one has yet been able to explain to me the assistance rendered to assessment of status by the impounding of family photographs from detainees.

Again, either lying or a fool. Many, many Afghani boys have the name Mohammed (in a variety of spellings) with no last name. If you ask their fathers and we (as we often did, attempting to allow for individual IDs) its was Mohammed as well. In addition he is referring to our mealtime roll call, again its much easier to ID PHO12 rather than Mohammed Sha on a list of 900 names. To conflate this with “stripping away identity” is just fucked in the head.

How is processing efficiency advanced by referring to the detainees by number not name?

Again he lies or is a complete fool. The only restrictions (apart from disciplinary) on visitors of ANY sort is that it was inside normal visiting hours (usualy at least 4 hours per day) and there wasn’t an incident (read riot or something) happening. In addition you couldn’t see people whom hadn’t had their 1st immigration interview yet, This generally happened within the first 2 weeks of arrival.

How is the task of identifying a refugee facilitated by denying people in detention visits by family and friends?

Ive only bothered to get as far as “Other countries” but I think hes established himself as a partisan liar in what he considers a “higher cause”.

Mr Seehan has another article extolling Mr Einfelds cavalier regard for the rule of law. Worth a read


I hope his every day in prison ends up something like this…

9 Responses to “Perjurer goes to gaol.”

  1. Dminor Says:

    Just because you worked there you think that gives you the right to mouth off at our esteemed Judge. Humph!

    Excellent post, mole. Thanks for pointing out some facts behind the children overboard case, though if I’m ever to go head to head with someone on that (you know, over at Bolta’s), I’d probably want a link.

    The other thing I can’t stand are these ridiculous comparisons to Hitler, Nazi’s and the Holocaust whenever someone feels their views are being threatened. You’ve a right to be offended there, mole, especially when the real circumstances were so manifestly different to what Einfeld was trying to propagate.

  2. kae Says:

    Oi, frollicking…

    Just reading this and thinking I need to do some work about the house/yard, and the shorts came up for 4 Corners.

    It’s about Marcus Einfeld… why he lied.

    Should be interesting (just to see what he says).

    This IS the ABC, too!

    check it out!

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      It’s about Marcus Einfeld… why he lied.

      Why he lied? He’s just one of a long line of self-proclaimed ‘persons of moral integrity’ on the Left who imagine that being People Who Are Better Than Us, they are immune from silly little things like honesty, ethics, common courtesy and even obeying the law.

      Really – there’s such a long line of ’em by now, I’m beginning to believe it may well be a congenital defect in character.

      “Look at me, I’m titty-f*cking your mother!”
      Bob Collins, Orkopoulos & the Heiner Affair
      WA Inc.
      Brian Burke

  3. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Why he lied? Easy; he thought he could get away with it.

  5. kae Says:

    einfeld is nuts

    watch it

  6. Margos Maid Says:

    There is an absolute goldmine of stuff in there for any investigative journalist worth their salt, frollicker. Sadly, Australia doesn’t seem to have any.

  7. Legal Eagle Says:

    If there’s one thing I really dislike, it’s loose comparisons with the SS or Nazis. It is totally unfair to compare staff in refugee facilities with the SS (who were responsible for the cold-blooded murder of thousands of innocent people). I can understand why you’re offended.

    I couldn’t actually access his speech right now – when I clicked on it, the site told me it was “Earth Hour” (as you can see, I’m observing it…NOT).

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