Dear Leader Kevin Keeps Kwiet.

So our fave meeja whore, PM to the stars, had a meeting with the Chinese minister for propaganda.

I find it intriguing that someone so keen to bignote himself sees the need to play this one down.

When asked why such an important meeting would be kept from the Australian media at such a crucial time in the bilateral relationship, a spokeswoman for Mr Rudd told The Australian: “It was a private meeting between the two. It is not the Prime Minister of Australia’s role to put out a press release announcing what every visiting politician is doing.”

Especially when the Chinese are trying to buy up Australian resources.

I wonder when Dear Leader will release the contract signing us into bondage to the Chicoms.

All in the name of Progress, of course. After all, Kevvie’s great mates have plenty of form in that direction.


Well done, Kevin (you fuckhead)

It’s sickeningly ironic. In his efforts to stop Australians accessing the nastiest shit out there on the web, Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has made a collection of it all in one handy place that anyone on the planet with an Internet connection can now easily access thanks to it invariably being leaked.

Old news, sure.  I just wanted to say Fuck You Rudd You Stupid Fucking Lefty Twat.

Not only is some of the worst illegal stuff out there more easily accessible now, other sites which are nowhere near illegal are also on Kevin’s blacklist. Result? Average citizens’ freedoms stripped away. More freedom for those who strip others’ freedoms away.



A few minor changes have been made to the post.


It turns out that blacklist is about nine years old. So, sorry on that one Kevin. Still, it begs the question as to why this wasn’t made abundantly clear from the beginning.

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