Dear Leader Kevin Keeps Kwiet.

So our fave meeja whore, PM to the stars, had a meeting with the Chinese minister for propaganda.

I find it intriguing that someone so keen to bignote himself sees the need to play this one down.

When asked why such an important meeting would be kept from the Australian media at such a crucial time in the bilateral relationship, a spokeswoman for Mr Rudd told The Australian: “It was a private meeting between the two. It is not the Prime Minister of Australia’s role to put out a press release announcing what every visiting politician is doing.”

Especially when the Chinese are trying to buy up Australian resources.

I wonder when Dear Leader will release the contract signing us into bondage to the Chicoms.

All in the name of Progress, of course. After all, Kevvie’s great mates have plenty of form in that direction.


2 Responses to “Dear Leader Kevin Keeps Kwiet.”

  1. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Had to link this article

    My favorite bit:

    Rudd: I can send you Wayne Swan. He’s got some ripper plans for the GFC. Take him for as long as you like.

    Obama: Small guy, glasses, mind of a duck? “

  2. Carbon captured « The Tizona Group Says:

    […] Comments Carbon captured … on KRudd is the biggest fuckwit i…The Wizard of WOZ on Dear Leader Kevin Keeps K…Boy on a bike on Julia unleashed.thefrollickingmole on Well done, Kevin […]

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