Well done, Kevin (you fuckhead)

It’s sickeningly ironic. In his efforts to stop Australians accessing the nastiest shit out there on the web, Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has made a collection of it all in one handy place that anyone on the planet with an Internet connection can now easily access thanks to it invariably being leaked.

Old news, sure.  I just wanted to say Fuck You Rudd You Stupid Fucking Lefty Twat.

Not only is some of the worst illegal stuff out there more easily accessible now, other sites which are nowhere near illegal are also on Kevin’s blacklist. Result? Average citizens’ freedoms stripped away. More freedom for those who strip others’ freedoms away.



A few minor changes have been made to the post.


It turns out that blacklist is about nine years old. So, sorry on that one Kevin. Still, it begs the question as to why this wasn’t made abundantly clear from the beginning.

5 Responses to “Well done, Kevin (you fuckhead)”

  1. Well done, Kevin (you fuckhead) Says:

    […] Excerpt from: Well done, Kevin (you fuckhead) […]

  2. nilk Says:


    Words fail.

    And yes, I had a look at wikileaks, and looked at the list of names. I guess it’s not surprising I want to throw up.

    Perhaps if the fuckheads actually tried harder to catch the crunts rather than provide a jumping off point for the combined membership of Rockspiders’r’Us and Pervs Unanimous we’d have less of a problem with this filth.

    Okay, I can’t help myself and apologies for the language.


    • bingbing Says:

      Nilk, you saw the wording of this post before I changed it. Maybe you can understand why I did change it.

      It’s all fucked anyway now. Rudd has opened Pandora’s box.

      That stupid cunt.

  3. Angus Dei Says:

    Leftards are incapable of learning that there are unintended consequences to actions such as this, but that those consequences are usually foreseeable: You make a list of bad, bad things, and it WILL be leaked, drawing attention to those bad, bad things, which is the opposite of what you intended. It’s human nature to tell secrets, and if enough people are involved, they will be told. That’s why they’re called secrets (David Mammet reference). LOL!

    Then, of course, if you put fallible human beings in charge of making a list of bad, bad things, some not so bad things or even good things will end up on the list if you make it long enough. Some of this can be attributed to human error, but some of it will also be the result of prejudices that said humans harbor. This is also entirely predictable.

    THAT IS WHY GOVERNMENT MUST BE LIMITED TO DOING ONLY ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY THINGS: Everything government does will be fucked up in one way or another, because too many people get involved.

    It’s not difficult, it’s just logic. Oh wait, logic and leftards= oil and water. Never mind.

  4. thefrollickingmole Says:

    And today theyve announced China taking a massive stake in Australias biggest miner.

    FFS, they squeal about companies having monoplies on products but bend over and take it up the blurter from the Chinese.
    They now effectively own the major input they get from Australia. Iron Ore.
    The next round of price negotiations between Chinas steel mills and Rio will be one to watch. If the Chinese use a few proxies to puick up another 10% or so they will be able to effectively negotiate their own prices.

    Funny how Kevvie didnt want a “private meeting” like that one getting around only a couple of days before an announcement like this one eh???

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