Smaller but still a bargain

One of Australia’s favourite snacks, twisties, now comes with 10 per cent less in the packet. Same price of course.

They are still a bargain, however. Check it out.

Coles, in Brisbane’s Myers Centre, were yesterday selling the 45kg and 50kg bags at a retail price of $1.29.

3 Responses to “Smaller but still a bargain”

  1. Boy on a bike Says:

    My brother will freak at the news – 10% less per packet!

    He likes them so much, he even arranged to visit their factory once. His explanation of how they are made didn’t put any of us off them.

  2. bingbing Says:

    Hmmm. I used to love pizza shapes, BBQ shapes and chicken crimpys… until a few weeks after I started cleaning some of the equipment at the Arnott’s factory that made them. Piles of them a metre high. The spices used to ooze out of my skin for days afterwards. Hmmm, have had more girlfriends since I left that job.

    However, the Tiny Teddy machine was right next to us and there was a huge room full of samples of every Arnott’s biscuit just a minute’s walk away.


  3. Margos Maid Says:

    I think there might be a little typo here. I like twisties, but 45 kilograms is a bit much even for me…

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