The Richard Ryan Files #3

NOTE TO RICHARD RYAN: You have been warned many, many times in the past 12 months that if you keep up your harassment of people on this blog, we reserve the right to print selected comments of yours in full, including your various email addresses and IP addresses, and also to contact your ISP(s) and/or other relevant authorities.  The fact that you have continued even after that warning would seem to imply that you consent to these comments being made public.

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Because of a huge recent influx of vile comments from the same deranged idiot (Richard Ryan, who usually  uses IPs in the Telstra/Dodo and ranges but has since expanded his IP ranges), I thought it prudent to continue documenting the worst of them in one place.  To keep the pages from taking ages to load, I’ve divided them into sections.

So, here are a few select highlights of the hundreds received thus far.  Not reprinted are those pre-July ’08, before we realized what a persistent, obsessive madman he would turn out to be, or the many that Tim Blair, Andrew Bolt and others continually have to delete from their blogs (both are aware of the stalking that’s been going on for almost a year now and the games Ryan plays, including impersonating a “normal” commenter (often myself) and complaining about “that awful Richard Ryan” among other weird things in an attempt to get published – who knows how the insane mind works…).

I would ask that if any of my fellow editors see any more like these in our comment/spam queue, either send me a screencap (press “Ctrl” and “PrtSc” simultaneously to put it on your clipboard, paste it into a graphics program and save as a .jpg)  – I’m collecting them in case things get even more out of hand, i.e. especially if he succeeds in finding me “in real life,”  as it appears attempts have already been made in that direction.  Thanks.

Just FYI, the comments referring to cancer are aimed at the fact that he knows that yes, I have been ill, and no, I am not interested in blogging on it just now, preferring in my case to keep the Internet a CFZ (cancer-free zone).   The comments referring to “Ash” refer to our main blog administrator, who tragically died in a car accident in January ’09.

Oh, and you can click on the .jpg clips to see them full-size in a new window.  Behold the Leftard maniac in all his vileness.

Richard Ryan comments on Tizona - spot_the_dog and TGordonrichard ryan comments - tizona - spot_the_dog - gordonrichard ryan coments - tizona - spot_the_dog - gordon

typical Richard Ryan comments on Tim Blair - spot_the_dog

richard ryan tizona comments - spot_the_dog, tgordon

14 Responses to “The Richard Ryan Files #3”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    In others opinion is RR mentaly ill in some way or just a serial pest?

    It seems to me an extremely weird compulsion for a grown man to have, thats all. In reality all a blog is, is scribbling on a digital dunny wall and having a bit of fun.

    RR appears to be obsessed with our particular dunny wall, and a couple of our posters.

  2. Angus Dei Says:

    This crap has been going on for two years now. RR is a seriously deranged waste of flesh.

  3. Gandalf Says:

    After reading this I think we should hope he gets the help he needs. I will not bother responding to his posts in future.

  4. Merilyn Says:

    Agree with Gregory, Words fail. [This is the first time I have seen this]. Nasty,.

  5. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Merilyn, The idiot never stops, he goes away for a few weeks/months then comes back again. A bit of a head case.

  6. spot_the_dog Says:

    These aren’t the only ones, either. He’s been at it for 4 freaking years now.
    Click, click, click, click, click … oh, and CLICK.


    By the way, the person who linked this from another blog is not me – I don’t know who they are. But if nothing else, they’ve managed to stir Dickie up from a relatively quiet period and I don’t know that that’s such a good thing.

    • bingbing Says:

      Dunno. What I do know is he’s been getting a run over at Iain Hall’s Sandpit.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      That’s not a blog I follow, so I wouldn’t even know. I did see him over at the Pajamas Media blogs, where I sometimes comment, and just today saw him over at Miranda’s (I read her posts but not the comments generally) when I tracked back to see where all this extra traffic was coming from.

      Little baby cheeses… I’m gettin’ too old for this chit.

    • bingbing Says:

      Just checked my spam for the first time in days. Dropped about 10 comments in there, mostly harmless, one cancer joke. I find it easier to not bother anymore. Anyway, I’m sure he’s loving the attn.

      Ho hum.

    • Merilyn Says:

      The name of the person was cano, and feel whoever it was did the blog at Miranda’s a good turn,as it will warn other’s about Richard. Have just been reading the other clicks spot. sheesh.

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