When Emos Revert

spot_the_dog temporarily relegated to bench-warmer

Seeya later, alligatorJust a quick note to apologize for not having been around so much lately.

Although the Cubbies managed a glorious win on Opening Day (EAMUS CATULLI!), Fortuna has slipped spot_the_dog one of those crazy curve-balls she’s so famous for and he’ll  be more or less stuck warming the bench for the next little while.

Will still be checking in now & then as time and circumstances permit, though – I’m not that easily got rid of. 😉

Have laptop, will blog.  Any time, any place.

Have laptop, will blog. Any time, any place

Keep calling “Bullshit!” to idiocy, incompetance and dishonesty wherever it manifests itself; keep calling attention to the various shenanigans and machinations of politicians and fellow bloggers alike; and most importantly of all keep your sense of humor.

I said SIT! (dog cartoon)

doggy bones
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Bucking the trend

Paul “PJ” James is eating burgers and cake towards a goal weight of 120kg, a far cry from his days of strutting US catwalks at 80kg.

Gallery here.  Hey, Paul! Some of Tizona’s delicious Sunday brunches or other tasty treats should do the trick…

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