Global Warming tide turning?

Andrew Bolt thinks it just might be.

More here about Professor Ian Plimer’s new book, Heaven+Earth, which states that climate change is unavoidable but not caused by humans. And he takes on every argument presented over the years.

Meanwhile, whatever happened to Not Evil Just Wrong, though??? Is it gone??? NB Click the ‘whatever happened’ link. It ain’t the same as the snapshot.

Nooooo!!! Na, just kidding. It seems they’ve finally got the funds up and it’s due to be released later this year, possibly on Fox, although Susan Easton at Human Events, who’s also been documenting this turning tide of climate changery thinks shopping malls may be the go.


Obama gets desperate.


A Plimer lecture and well worth taking the time out to watch. He sums it all up very nicely. H/T hayesy over at Bolt’s.

12 Responses to “Global Warming tide turning?”

  1. Gaddfly Says:

    So everyone on this planet is going to be ok?

    Global warming not caused by humans?

    Burning fossil fuel releases stored CO2 back into the atmosphere.

    I know, humans are not responsible– motor vehicles, manufacturing and power generation is.

    Now I get it!

  2. Earl_E Says:

    Health care and energy constitute about a quarter of the U.S. economy.

    Another quarter was the financial services.

    Today, the world is yelling at the USA to police the Somalian waters, hold together Iraq, prop up some kind of something in Afghanistan, shut down Iranian nuclear, defend against Kim Jong Il dungmissiles of death…

    and you think health care will break the bank?

    A local college is now advertising a new career for the newly unemployed, Medical Health Care Records Processor.

    What a joke. I think America needs to do something, not fill cavernous office space with 100 administrators for one doctor.

    Imagine, your career as a medical technician administrator processor, you type in information into a word processor.

    How about we let the oceans go to the free market.

    If you are shipping 200 trillion barrels of oil from point A to point B, you provide your own security.

    Instead of paying nearly 10 million dollars an hour to free the Captain held hostage, let the Captain protect his own cargo and we’ll send the 10 or so US Navy vessels to patrol around south america and cuba for some of that Homeland Defense we are so lacking in.

    How about we get rid of all insurance companies, remove all profit from banking services, eliminate energy income and give away to any person in America free electricity, free healthcare, and free schools.

    In the bank I worked for, we had over 250 Vice Presidents out of 1000 workers. They sat up at night thinking of ways to create new fees.

    These guys need to develop a skill other than swindling cash from people trying to build a new business.

    Utility companies would be better served if they never had to shut off another service, send another homeowner to debt collectors, and by building a decentralized power grid, would give better load-security when the next sunspot cycle begins.

    Why are my taxes paying for my military to patrol the Exxon Mobile seaways? Since when is it the taxpayers responsibility to not only pay for Exxon security, but give their blood and tears as well.

    Prioritize America!

    Provide for yourself first, or you will have nothing to offer those around the world who are buried under debris dodging bullets right now.

    Nationalize the banks, remove all profit.

    Oil is already nationalized, eliminate all profits from oil, refining, and distribution.

    Deconstruct the toxic gas stations, disassemble and recycle all but the few that are needed as we eliminate the use of the combustion engine worldwide.

    The reason why this is so important today is because if China continues to grow their economy at the 5 to 10 percent rate for the next ten years, they could cause the extinction of the human race.

    Did you look at the sky during the Olympics in Beijing? Did you drink the water? These people are the future, not the past.

    We either lead the way AWAY from toxicity, or China and India will splatter the planet in crap so thick you will hardly remember what the color green looked like.

    • bingbing Says:

      Cripes. Are you running for office?

    • bingbing Says:

      PS There’s lots of oil but 200 trillion barrels? Try taking off the last two zeros.

  3. strange days indeed Says:

    How many time am I going to read from deniers that the “Global warming tide turning?”.

    You’ve been recycling (irony, eh?) that headline in one form or another since 1988, and still haven’t figured out why you need to pump out the headline monthly! LOL, full marks for maintaining the faith, though.

    • bingbing Says:

      How many times? Many more, SDI, many more… at least until you guys prove it’s anthropogenic, which it’s not and which you haven’t.

  4. Earl_E Says:

    Prove it is anthropogenic?

    You mean the dead zones in the ocean that are a direct result of nitrogen runoff from cornbelt fertilizers?

    You mean coral bleaching from the increase in ocean acidity from increased CO2 sequetration?

    This 6th mass extinction is driven by the lead predator and its conversion of stored energy to heat and poisons.

    It isn’t a debate. These dead zones are ending the shrimp harvest.

    If starting a forest fire not only reduces the tree count for CO2 sequestration, and the loss of water absorbtion leads to mudslides and desertification, and plumes of aerosol pollution along with methane and CO2 reduce solar radiation yet increase atnospheric temperature, then tossing your cigarette butt out the window is attempted genocide across the entire ecosphere.

    And people set these fires all day long during some of the worst droughts in their lives.

    Ignorance is the most powerful force of nature.

  5. Earl_E Says:

    Bibg Bing, cutting and pasting links is a no-brainer. I wouldn’t waste my time clicking on one of your links. Obviously none of them provided you with any valid information to bring to us, so why duplicate the time you already wasted?

    • bingbing Says:

      You fucking tool. Obviously you won’t click on one of those links. You provided none of your own, just merely spouted off disproved nonsense… which my links addressed. You might learn something. I dare you, I friggin’ dare you, to read/watch just one in it’s entirety.

  6. Earl_E Says:

    No specifics, just some anger and name calling.

    Cavemen we are, cavemen we will always be.

    You should try and build up some credibility with arguments that pertain to the discussion rather than demonstrating anger at being pinned to the ground with no escape.

    Does it make you feel like your argument has merit because you drop a childish F-bomb? Is it because you generate click-stream revenue from driving traffic towards links?

    Restated, you have no position on global warming, you are just unemployed and trying to make a buck enraging climate science watchers?

    The problem is most of us actually use our brains and don’t assist the financially downtrodden with their little economic dreams…

    Instead of daring me to leave your page, why not demonstrate the competant brain processor you think you have by typing in your own words what your opinion is based on what you have learned?

    Oh you haven’t read those links either?

  7. “The US temperature record is unreliable.” « The Tizona Group Says:

    […] related AGW news, Ian Plimer’s book Heaven+Earth is being bashed, too. This time by some bloke called Michael […]

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