Irony or stupidity?

Ok, by now the world knows that Obamas new dog is a Portuguese water dog. As one of his children has an allergy and water dogs are allergy safe (they don’t shed their coats), its a good choice.


Leaving aside the apparent breaking of a promise to get a shelter dog its probably a good dog for a young family with kids. But why he feels he needed to fib about an issue so small is beyond me. The dog has been basically brought, neutered, and trained, then presented as a “rescue”?

Why bother?

A little to Muttly?

Finally to the irony. Ted Kennedy apparently picked the dog for them as a gift, as he owns a number of the breed.

Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy owns a dog breed famous since Roman times for saving the lives of drowning people….

A Portuguese Water Dog is first described in 1297 in a monk’s account of a drowning sailor who was pulled from the sea by a dog with a “black coat, the hair long and rough, cut to the first rib and with a tail tuft”.(from wiki)

If that’s not irony I don’t know what is… For those who didn’t know Kennedy had a lady killed by drowning when a car he was driving ran off a bridge years ago. Apparently he spent hours after the accident covering his ass rather than summoning help for the girl.

And what kind of a bloke would name his dog “splash” after having drowned a woman?,_D.C.

Kennedy is a sick, sick puppy.

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