CNN’s TEA Party bias busted!

What a stupid, annoying bint CNN’s Susan Roesgen is. She might as well wear a donkey on her jacket. Check out the first clip and her very different reactions to two different presidential Hitlers. Bias Busted!

More on her TEA party action. Is that what passes for reporting on CNN nowadays? OK, OK, CNN can be OK sometimes but crikey, Roesgen is completely unprofessional in this following clip. Who’s she working for, an international news organisation or a certain left-leaning US political party? Is she a journalist or an activist? If you want to be that biased, Susan, don’t pretend to be a bloody reporter. Get a blog or your own show.


Vanilla Vibe Vandalysed (sik)

The Vibe Dingbat continues…

House remixes…

Ice Ice Baby…

DJ bingbing VanillaWimped

DJ Mack Honey VanillaPimped

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