CNN’s TEA Party bias busted!

What a stupid, annoying bint CNN’s Susan Roesgen is. She might as well wear a donkey on her jacket. Check out the first clip and her very different reactions to two different presidential Hitlers. Bias Busted!

More on her TEA party action. Is that what passes for reporting on CNN nowadays? OK, OK, CNN can be OK sometimes but crikey, Roesgen is completely unprofessional in this following clip. Who’s she working for, an international news organisation or a certain left-leaning US political party? Is she a journalist or an activist? If you want to be that biased, Susan, don’t pretend to be a bloody reporter. Get a blog or your own show.


15 Responses to “CNN’s TEA Party bias busted!”

  1. RodH Says:

    Yeah those leftards showing their bias why cant they be fair and balanced just like foxnews channel.

  2. bill Says:

    HEY! Bangbang and GestapoMole, I have **PROOF** that spot-the-dog also known as Tgordon **IS** a Blot modarator, you no how I was saying yesterday about how just as SPOT goes quiet things like yesterdey happen at Blots like where no comments get update all day?

    Now today BLOT announces

    “Apologies for yesterday’s slow service. Backup moderators are now very rare, unfortunately”


    “RARE” becaus of THIS ????

    PWND !!!!!!!!

    U dont dare deny it now, that would be LYING, you moran idiot rascist rightards !!!

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Bill. You are like a Court Jester who is not even very amusing anymore.

      Please stop coming here littering all of our posts with garbage. Aim for at least 75% on-topic, only 25% off-topic. Then you’ll be engaged. Until then, you’re just really getting boring and one or more of the current Admins are going to lose patience and boot your ass for good.

      You would probably do better hanging out elsewhere – I get the idea we’re not your style, nor you ours, but the Internets are a big place and you’ll eventually find a niche.

      No more garbage here though, m’kay?

      spot_the_dog, editor-on-leave

    • bill Says:

      SNIP Wrong, bill. Your gig is up. Welcome to the spam queue. – bingbing

  3. bill Says:

    ROD H

    hahaha NO one hear no’s “bias” they are all too BIAS themselves.

    TIZONA is written by some of the BLOT’s worst more BIAS most RASCIST and STUPID modaraters, the same people who think its fair at Blots to let all the discusting rascist and islam haters people through but SNIPPING or banning anyone who even questians their HERO.

    Too people like BANGBANG and GesatpoMole and of course SPOT they think FAUX NEWS **IS** “fair and balancd” and CNN is COMUNIST. They are all raving rightards is why.

    hahahah, you just have to laugh at these morans dont you ?!?

  4. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Bill, so you see no bias in the presentation of those 2 linked pieces?

    Tootle off now conspiracy boy.
    BTW thanks for letting us know why we seen to attract especialy retarded trolls, they are Bolts rejects who seem to think this is the “super sekrit lair of tah MODS!!!!”

  5. bingbing Says:

    The freaks have been about here lately. Naturally, just like Leftard Earl E, they dare not actually watch the clip or click the link. Pretentious dimwits. No, far better to stay in their world of nonsense.

    Bill et. al., you are fast wearing out your welcome here, you fruitloops (i.e. fuck off).

  6. Angus Dei Says:

    LOL! Just trying to read those retarded comments makes my head hurt. Jeez, what stupid shite. A BLOT on humanity. 🙂

  7. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Is this shit for real? Are people really that lacking in a life they came stumbling over here from Bolts just to try and hang poorly spelled garbage on us?

    Bang bang, GesatpoMole? Ooh ooh, do me next!!!

    • bingbing Says:

      Makes you wonder if he’s actually for real or not. If he is, no wonder Bolt probably doesn’t print him half the time. The bloke is off the chart. Should he be smoking more weed or less?

  8. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    I’d guess a 16 year old media arts or ‘history’ student with rich parents.

    As for the weed, I rekon we’d be better off if he was on the horse. It would be much quieter and might even end soon…

  9. bingbing Says:

    Do you get that, bill?

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