Vanilla Vibe Vandalysed (sik)

The Vibe Dingbat continues…

House remixes…

Ice Ice Baby…

DJ bingbing VanillaWimped

DJ Mack Honey VanillaPimped

5 Responses to “Vanilla Vibe Vandalysed (sik)”

  1. VodkaBlogger Says:

    I’m going to suggest this as a chaser: Vanilla Ice vs Eminem


    • bingbing Says:

      That’s the clip I took off and replaced with the same song unsans film clip.

      Shits and giggles, mate.

      SFW… even if Load and Reload sucked… but subtitles are necessary regardless.

    • bingbing Says:

      PS I actually mixed that ‘wimped’ masterpeice myself and a mate did the other. We were cracking up for ages.

      Did them live tonight… Daft Punk provides the backing beat in both… blame the rest on the soju… and Bush… and global warming.

  2. VodkaBlogger Says:

    Daft Punk are the shiat. The wife knew one of the guys (Thomas) pretty well when she was in uni over here and their stuff is always welcome on the speakers. Another Daft Punk mashup (based on ‘Aerodynamic’) here. Maybe it’s just me but I love mashed up music – a case of nothing great being produced these days?

    Not sure if this has made its way to Korea/Australia yet but its been top-10 stuff here for weeks now:

    • bingbing Says:

      That’s a good track. My mate who provided the VanillaPimped anthem would know. When he’s not being forced by his half drunk Australian buddy to remix Vanilla Ice (of all people), he actually DJs seriously. Chances are it’s most definitely being played up in Seoul.

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