Death taxes are morally wrong. Warning swearblogging!!

I was browsing “comment is free” in the guardian newspapers on-line version when I came across the following article. It was so smug and devoid of any rational moral defence I think its worth a brief Fisking just to keep my hand in.

Try this for an opening line.

Death tax: the stimulus we need

Because we are necrophiliacs at the tax office?

Hello, can I dig up your grandfather and pinch his gold fillings?

Hello, can I dig up your grandfather and pinch his gold fillings?

More below, plus a number of naughty words.

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Media lies and distortions.

Australia has a national broadcaster, the ABC. It is fully government funded, and, as are most institutions of that type, of a fiercely left wing bent.

One case in particular has been its treatment of the illegal immigrant issues over the last decade or so. No allegation made by the ABC has been more long lasting than the one that the previous government deliberately lied about children being thrown overboard from refugee boats.


However it takes a special type of ignorance to ignore the senate report into the incident, which clearly states that it

A: Had happened before

B: Was threatened numerous other times.

C: Failed, and still fails to give ANY account of some of the violence and threatening/intinmidating behaviour faced by the Australian boarding parties.


There is a direct link to that behaviour and the deaths of 5 people, not including others lost previously when an asylum seekers boat was deliberately sunk by some of those on board. Yet the ABC still mentions “children overboard” as though there was no reason for the government of the day to have believed the reports. I have absolutely no doubt if Barnett hadnt spoken out this would be played out as an unexplained accident rather than an act of brinkmanship gone wrong.

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Mmmmm, Braaaaaaains!

Mmmmm, Braaaaaaains!

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