Many a word spoken in jest…

I was having a chat to the old man yesterday about the direction politics was going.


Eventually I said “Well why not run 2 opt in types of Australia, one where the government takes 80% of your income but mothers you, and one where they take 25% and leave you the f*ck alone”


My old man didn’t miss a beat and said, “I think we already do that, just the percentages are reversed”….

Till the pips squeak!

Till the pips squeak!

Got me thinking though, many people hate having to chose for themselves, even basic things like phone services, internet carrier, bill paying etc.

Why not let the government manage the lives of those to weak or unwilling to look after themselves, but charge them a tax rate for the assistance?


Meanwhile at the other end can be the “no fee no service” people, those who want minimal government interference, but also deny them access to government services? (beyond the policing/legal varieties). I think it would be a wonderful experiment in governance.


The comparison between a “cradle to grave welfare” 80% tax regime and a “don’t tread on me” 25% tax regime would pretty quickly show up the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, and might lead to more realistic government policies.

And just for reference, Im on the 25% leave me alone side…

A little closer to my position...

A little closer to my position...

30 Nails in the Head: It’s a Sharp Pain, Doc


Ouch. Thirty nails to the head with a nail gun.

“A shocking X-ray shows how a man died with up to 30 nails fired into his skull by a high-powered nail gun.

Sydney, Australia, homicide squad detectives have released the graphic image as they make a fresh appeal for information about Chen Liu’s murder.”

How much more detail do you really need? Seriously, a picture is worth a thousand nails words.

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