Australia: Not just an island, but a hella scary one too!

For some unknown reason, recently the most popular Google searches leading to our site have been “Australia Map” and  Australian Flag” and variations thereof  (barely – just barely – beating out “goatse” and “sarah plain naked,” it must be said.)

The “Australia Map” searches almost always lead to a post on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s keen observation on the ABC’s 7:30  Report back in 2008 that “Australia is not an island”:

Australia is not an island - K. Rudd, 2008

"Australia is not an island" - K. Rudd, 2008

However, our own Wizard of Woz has unearthed an even more accurate map of Australia which may give the rather pedestrian version above a run for its money in the page-impressions stakes:


Accurate Map of Australia

The following ad campaign by our Alt-Tourism Authority would seem to back this up:


UPDATE: Australia has crazy-wild spiders.  Hey!  More cool spiders!

10 Responses to “Australia: Not just an island, but a hella scary one too!”

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  2. bingbing Says:

    Lulz. Homesick yet?

    PS Have you noticed how the Iranians who visit here usually hit one of our nudie pic pages? Poor bastards. No decent porn over there.

  3. spot_the_dog Says:

    Lulz. Homesick yet?

    Hell no. It’s heaven on a stick to be confined to a kennel on the very frontier of swine-flu-world. Weren’t for the sexy Vets, I’d make a break for it 😉

  4. ASC Says:

    That second ad would probably make Americansmore likely to visi Oz than thos gloomy slit-your-wrists-now-and-get-it-over-with ads there showing from that flop movie Australia.

    Adventure and danger is more fun the shit they show in those ads.

    Bragging rights rule OK.

  5. elsie Says:

    I think it was Dudley Moore (Tony Hancock???…some British comedian, any way) who said that when he visited Australia, he continuously jumped up and down. This meant that 50% of the time he was safe from being bitten by anything dangerous.

  6. elsie Says: that why kangaroos hop?

  7. Angus Dei Says:

    That Come to Australia vid never gets old.

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