For over a year now, foreign English teachers have had to be drugs tested. It’s a bit of a hassle but no biggie. It was mainly a move by the gubnit to satiate the anti-foreigner groups over here, who see us, even though we’re university-educated and have the balls to uproot and have God-like patience, as basically the scum of Wetsern society (if only they knew).

It’s ironic, since drugs are hard to come by over here, and so expensive any “high” is quickly quelled (mind you, soju is as cheap as chips and big pharma is having a field day… I mean, really, around seven different pills nowadays to combat a common cold???). I mean that, even if someone did smoke pot or pop disco biscuits back home, it’s not likely they’re gonna do so here.

Anyway, it got me thinking. This happens occasionally. If Western governments really wanted to get rid of their so-called drug problem, then why not make it mandatory for all employers to require a drugs test of their employees? And for those receiving welfare benefits to also be routinely drugs tested.

But Western governments will never do this. Just follow the idea to it’s logical conclusion (oops, maybe they will). Heck, even the Korean gubnit only mandates it on foreign English teachers. And that’s only to appease a rather large group of xenophobic wankers.

2 Responses to “Brainfart”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    We do it a lot in the mining industry. At least once a week for breathos and about 5% of our staff for a urine screen.

    Everyone knows the rules but a few still have a few to many/indulge.

    Dope is the biggest pain in the ares, it can generaly be picked up a month after the last smoke. The downside is some people use more short term drugs (speed etc) because thats usualy out of the systen in a day or 2. So they can head off on their weeks break, get wasted, then lay off the last 2 days before work and pass screening.

    Given its supposed to stop drug use at work I suppose it works.

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