It was a mistake

So sez da Prez.

Yep, a $328,835 mistake. But Barack claims he didn’t know. If that’s actually true, then WHY didn’t he know? When you can photoshop such an op so easily anyway… oh dear Obama, lucky you’re not Bush… yet.

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2 Responses to “It was a mistake”

  1. Sandi Says:

    I am so sick of hearing every instance of disgraceful behaviour, sheer incompetence, careless indifference and lack of judgement being passed off as a “mistake” when the perpetrators are finally caught out, regardless of how many times they have got away with it till then.

    Mistakes are minor and capable of being corrected. None of the above are, their consequences are just too serious for any reasonable person to accept as mere “mistakes”.

    You glassed your girlfriend by mistake? Oh. OK then. You pissed on a restaurant window by mistake? Oh. OK then. You flew a plane low towards skyscrapers in a city eternally traumatised in similar circumstances by mistake? Oh. OK then. Nothing to see here folks. Just another “mistake”.

    • bingbing Says:

      He’s becoming the Prince Philip of the Americas… in a turnabout way.

      Prince Philip’s gaffes are awesome. Obama’s ain’t.

      So hence Mr Scott Bridges and other lefties, there still certainly is a Left and Right.

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