New Socialism

Extra taxation, more regulation, the media, the academia… aaalll riiiight. And of course that, er, what was it? Oh yeah, global warming.

Thanks Obama. Change? New Socialism? Sounds like…

Their “New Socialism” doesn’t need to capture [carbon capture, maybe?- ed.] property.  It is content to control the economy [EEK! – ed.] through taxation and regulation and the attitudes of our citizens by the establishment of a culture through the power institutions of our society:  the media, the education establishment, and powerful business interests.  Moreover, the “New Socialism” seeks to create a conventional wisdom that discredits all alternative thought.

It was linked to the last post but perhaps deserves it’s own stage.

One Response to “New Socialism”

  1. Boy on a bike Says:

    There are two alternatives to how people are governed:

    1. We control the government
    2. The government controls us

    I come down firmly for the former. I can’t stand bastards that prefer the latter.

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