A picture’s worth 1000 words… (162 and counting)

Well, with the holiday we had over here on Friday and tomorrow’s Children’s Day being a national holiday (go figure), it was a bit annoying having to front up for work today. Anyway, such is life. Barely a quarter of my adult students bothered turning up and whilst most of my kids did, I knew they weren’t going to want to do any work. They had sports last Friday, they have the day off tomorrow, half of them didn’t even have school today, and the ones who did just did more sports practice.

So I decided to buy them pizza. Not the expensive stuff like Domino’s but these cheap ones from a mob called Nanta Pizza that are about five Aussie dollars each… and actually pretty decent (for the price). Whilst waiting in the shop, the following picture caught my eye. I guess it’s trying to attract customers. I’m just not sure how.

Eat it! If you dare...

Eat it! If you dare...

4 Responses to “A picture’s worth 1000 words… (162 and counting)”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    I dont know wether to be more concerned about the cows freckle or the fact it appears to have “ladies udders”….

    And the bunny seems to be facinated/shocked by somehing on the other side… Maybe its a badly done ladyboy cow?

    • bingbing Says:

      Technically cows are the female of the species. Pity about the rough head on that one. Looks like a bloke. But then, in my experience, unless it’s porn, one half of a lesbian couple always looks and acts the bloke.

      And with those wry grins, just what in hell are they about to do to that poor bunny? Dirty sex stuff or going to town with that frypan?

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  3. Angus Dei Says:

    Udderly ridiculous.

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