Yet more peta idiots – on the swine flu bandwagon.

Surely PETA-philes wouldn’t jump on the epidemic bandwagon just to push their own agenda?

Think again. An excerpt follows (personal musings in bold).

Well, the new swine flu epidemic may (Oooh, nice use of the qualifier – my dick “may” reach 12 inches as well) already have killed more than 100 people in Mexico, and you don’t have to ask us twice to point out what’s responsible for all these outbreaks of animalborne diseases, one after another. Factory farming, of course. (Despite no evidence other than “farms are bad, mmmkay”?)

We think that this billboard, which we’re erecting in San Antonio, Texas, sums it up: (Ive modified it slightly to add a bit more reality.)


And for the record MRSA hasn’t been linked by any responsible journal I know of to intensive farming. E coli has been around forever, and swine flu is a busted flush….

Cramming animals by the hundreds or thousands into gigantic, windowless sheds (Bullshit! – any large shed I’ve been in has louvres rather than windows as its cheaper than air conditioning)—in which the air is teeming with bacteria (Bugger how the swine flu is a virus then, eh? Back to basic biology for you, eco-loon.) and the pigs’ or chickens’ throats are burned by the accumulated waste (Why? Its not in the farmer’s best interest to have sick or diseased animals.)—is a recipe for spreading virulent diseases. Just last month, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote two articlesabout the spread of deadly methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus on pig farms.

No, Kristof isn’t psychic. He’s just paying attention—unlike the people at your local meat counter.

Bottom line: We can stop pigs from killing us if we simply stop killing them. (Now where’s the fun in that?)

Oh, and they are selling their pathetic “sea kittens” as plushies.

S&M sea kittens anyone?

S&M sea kittens anyone?

2 Responses to “Yet more peta idiots – on the swine flu bandwagon.”

  1. 300 Lbs Parakeet Says:

    When BIRD FLU came out these PETA jerks were running around all KFC resruants urging us to GO VEGAN now with this SWINE FLU their now running around wearing silly pig costumes and urging us to GO VEGAn PETA IS FOR IDIOTS ONLY

  2. Mad Bluebird Says:


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