Everything begins with an ‘e’

OK, so the two words start with the letter ‘e’, but the PP Boyz seem to have mixed up ‘economy’ with ’employment’. Sure, they’re related but there’s a reason why there are two different words.

JFTR, PP Boyz, the economy might just be slowly be getting back on track thanks to investors like me who’ve been plowing in CASH for over a year now. Rudd’s so-called stimulus package (giving your own money back to you but come Tuesday, taxing you more again for the privilege all the whilst running us into a deficit that’ll take God knows how long to repay) had very little to do with it.

They’ve also conveniently forgotten the ABS has gone through staff and funding cuts.

Guess with Rudd’s spin, he can’t have pesky things like stats getting in the way.

Well, SAY something...

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