Lets see what’s out there…. updates to follow…


First funnyman in tow… let’s check out LeTan.Eek! I was gonna say boring boring boring et. al. But Aha! Kevin’s a neocon… doesn’t take long! 2nd post. Ha ha, Lataan.

Krudd’s a neocon? Hehehe.

Next comedian? Let’s go Loewenstein.

Aha! First of the rank. Room for debate in the Islamic Republic. Lets see what he has to say? Hmm, Antony, you coming round?

Mind you, why support Sri Lanka, he argues? Those poor Tamil errorists (sic).


Why does this bloke still have a job?

POUR enough blood, tears and testosterone (or oil) into the dry and dusty dunes of the Greater Middle East and you create the quicksand that’s been swallowing mighty armies for millennia.

OK. So he’s sentimental. He’s still a braindead buffoon. Just retire, Phil. Waaaay outta touch. Heh. I live in Korea and he’s still in Oz. I’m outta touch but… oh, oh, dear Phil.


Let me find another moonbat…

It’s gotta be the PP boyz right? And so we shall go to comments.


There we go. They want Bolt on Media watch.

Nice one, hehehe.


Language of post updated… now family friendly.


Now the PP Boyz want Andrew’s advice. I always knew they secretly love him.

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